Porsche knows what’s up
Four words to describe the Friends reunion that premiered on HBO Go last night? Right. In. The. Feels.Seriously, what a nostalgia trip that was. Seeing the cast together in the same room for the first time in more than 17 years
Some familiar faces are dropping by to pay respects
Last month, German race car driver Sabine Schmitz passed away aged 51 following a three-year battle with cancer. The Nurburgring had lost its queen, and, naturally, the motoring community was, and still is, in mourning.Shchmitz wasn't just one of
The stop-motion animated series is the quirkiest and cutest one you’ll see today
Anyone here afraid of clowns?
Twisted Metal was an awesome video game-a hell of a lot of fun and part of countless peoples' childhoods. That said, it was also the stuff nightmares are made of.A homicidal clown with a flaming head that drives around ramming
This one was a promotional vehicle
Moneyed '80s kids, pay attention: Now's your chance to own one of the most iconic TV vehicles of your childhood.Worldwide Auctioneers has confirmed that one of only six GMC Vandura vans officially licensed by Universal Studios for the A-Team
It’ll feature classic cars, monster trucks, lowriders, drag cars—you name it
Have you run out of shows to binge on while stuck in quarantine? If you have (like many of us here), then here's something that might be of interest to you: Mike Brewer's World of Cars.The show is set
Did you catch the finale?
Singaporean Tyen Rasif is Subaru Asia's newest ambassador, after winning this year's Asian Dream singing contest with her rendition of Miley Cyrus' "Wrecking Ball".Besides becoming the Japanese carmaker's new regional ambassador, Tyen also took home a brand-new
It’s set to release in 2022
Ayrton Senna's life is finally going to get the Netflix treatment. According to the Brazilian racer's family, the streaming service has announced a new fictional drama about racer's life, beginning with his move to England to begin his career
The gates to Starcourt Mall will open in October
It's been almost a year since Netflix announced that Stranger Things will be returning for a fourth season, and we reckon fans of the award-winning series are already itching to see the latest installment by now. Unfortunately, 2021 is still
It’s one of the most refreshing series of the genre in the last few years
There are a handful of car shows you can watch on demand right now. There are shows on restoration, custom builds, and flipping cars. Personally, I've watched a lot of them over the last few years, but to say I've
One of the ugliest cars ever built in one of the best TV shows ever created
Anyone who's ever had the chance to watch the award-winning TV series Breaking Bad will have a hard time forgetting main protagonist Walter White's daily driver: That lackluster Pontiac Aztek.The Aztek is a five-seat SUV from General
Courtesy of Japanese company Toei Animation’s upcoming channel
It's only been less than a week-yes, it hasn't been that long yet-since the government implemented a Luzon-wide community quarantine that has many of us locked up inside our homes right now.While we might not know
We’ve been living in a lie
Carpool Karaoke fans, brace yourselves. We're about to lay a hard truth on you: It appears James Corden doesn't actually drive while he's behind the wheel during the hit show's shoots.If this footage posted on Twitter by @
These programs are chock-full of automotive goodness
Want to spend your holiday season just lazing around and sitting on the couch? We've got your covered. Check out these programs on Netflix to get your automotive fix during your down time.Like a certain other popular '80s action movie (
“Aw geez, Rick”
Rick and Morty's Morty Smith is definitely not a cartoon character we'd want to spend a day as. Sure, he gets to go on crazy interdimensional adventures, but the 14-year old has been beaten, tortured, experimented upon, and left
Looking forward to this?
New season, new faces, more cars, and more of Chris Harris doing what he does best. Should be enough to get you excited for Top Gear's 27th outing, yes?No? Maybe this will help. Top Gear has just released the latest
Does your ride need the Marie Kondo treatment?
Netflix's Tidying Up with Marie Kondo wasn't what I was expecting.Prior to the Clean Queen's streaming debut, I had absolutely no idea who she was or why she was famous. As such, I pressed play assuming that Tidying
That poor Lancer
It's not everyday you see an apparently abandoned car in the middle of the street. It's even less frequent to see one that's charred to bits, supposedly from a TV show stunt. The Facebook post above
Aw, here it goes!
Hey, '90s kids, guess what? July 15 marks 22 years since the first episode of Kenan & Kel aired on Nickelodeon. Feel old yet? Yeah, don't worry, we do too. If you're too young (or too old...) to remember, the show
Prices start at P155,559
Are we so glued to our smartphones and tablets that we're slowly phasing out TVs? Well for electronics giant Sony, the answer is to come up with newer technology that will make consumers want to buy its TV as something that
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