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No less than Shunsaku Tamiya joined the festivities
Our nation’s pride in 1/32 scale
A few days ago, we reported that Tamiya will be selling a special-edition mini 4WD model of our country's iconic jeepney. Now, the in-demand kit (we've already seen a possible case of hoarding) is already available in hobby
It’s a detailed replica of the HKS R32 Skyline
This is radio-controlled model manufacturer Tamiya's way of saying happy 50th birthday to the iconic Nissan GT-R. It's a detailed replica of the R32 Skyline that raced under the brilliantly bonkers psycho-camo colors of tuning company HKS
Pinoy pride
The Philippines and Tamiya, everyone's favorite scale model manufacturer, have a pretty tight relationship. Need proof? Not only does the brand continue to maintain a strong following among both hobbyists and car enthusiasts, there's also an actual Tamiya factory located
Looking for the perfect gift this Christmas?
Car guys are nearly always toy guys, too. To them, automobiles are really just large toys-extensions of their childhood, if you will. Cars are bigger, more expensive, and carry a lot more risk than your typical Tomicas or Tamiyas, but they'
Lil’s Hobby Center is 50!
If you're into the world of Tamiya, you're going to love this: Lil's Hobby Center just announced on Facebook that it is now selling a special Philippine Edition of the Japanese toy company's 1:32 scale 'Gunbluster XTO'
Mr. Tamiya officially opened it himself
Hobbyists, scale modelers, and car nuts, you'll have a reason to want to brave traffic, and squeeze into tight parking spaces just to visit the mall. The BrickYard is once again open to let the adult you enjoy toys.The BrickYard
It’s a toy collector's paradise
Cool sh*t. That's what Japan is about. It has the coolest animated robots (Gundam, Macross, Voltes V); the coolest entertainment systems (Sony PlayStation, Nintendo); the coolest authors (Haruki Murakami, Ryunosuke Akutagawa); the coolest dishes (ramen, sashimi): the coolest cars (pretty
Now this is what we call a replica
Utilitarians look at pickup trucks as purebred workhorses, while others (us included) see them as big toys. Toyota must've went ahead and asked "why not both?" in coming up with the Hilux Bruiser-a supersized replica of the legendary Tamiya toy
You can buy your childhood dream toy again
I'm a sucker for 1/10th scale radio-controlled (RC) cars. I got a Clod Buster RC truck way back in 1987, and it's a toy that's very close to my heart. My older brother Raul and I loved
Where the magic happens
If you're viewing this on a mobile device and can't see the video, please click here.Scale-model cars are awesome, aren't they? A well-made replica of a great automobile can turn even the most mature car nuts
This takes us back
If you're viewing this on a mobile device and can't see the video, please click here.Man, who doesn't love Tamiya? For many of us, the Japan-based plastic model manufacturer was our launching pad into the world of
It's an automotive Neverland
Whether we like it or not, your budget is one of the most important things to consider when buying a gift. If you go cheap, your spoiled inaanaks might resent you for it; go overboard and you'll regret it yourself-if
Model kit lovers, rejoice!
Some car lovers just can't get enough of Tamiya. It's amazing how full-grown adults can tinker with miniature versions of their favorite cars for hours. It's as if they're reliving their childhood all over again. If you'
About 6,000 items are available here
Tamiya is one of those brands whose spell over us never ended. From our early experiences as young boys playing with Mini 4WDs, to college students racing 1/10th-scale R/C cars, and as adult men collecting detailed replicas of WWII
In case you want to start a fun hobby
I used to build scale models when I was a kid. Dad knew that I loved them so much, he'd surreptitiously buy kits for me after I had begged and pleaded.Back in the '80s, these plastic scale models weren't
A toy from the past
I'm glad that I've kept pretty much all of my toys from back in the day. Some of these are relics now and have value as collector's pieces. But for me, these playthings are all about bringing me back
For the kid in you
For a lot of car nuts, their passion for speed began not in a garage or on a racetrack, but on a desk in their bedroom with a handy bottle of glue by their side. Kids who grew up in the '80s
Are you into remote-controlled toy cars?
We thought the remote-controlled cars (R/C) craze had already died down, but apparently the hobby is still as popular as ever. We got wind of this event through our reader Raymund Aguilar, and we just had to check it out
We know how you can get one for P20,000
So, you want the Toyota 86 so bad but the limited supply--and long waiting list--Toyota Motor Philippines (TMP) has for the two-door sports car is putting you off. You also don't see yourself buying a gray-market unit
World-class quality
Last night, Toyota Motor Philippines celebrated its 24th anniversary by hosting a simple thanksgiving party for the press. At the event, TMP handed out a special token to its media guests: a 1:24 Tamiya Toyota 86 plastic model kit.We all
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