How did it fare?
Clark International Speedway and Batangas Racing Circuit are venues where people satisfy their thirst for speed. The mountains of Tanay, meanwhile, is where off-road adventure-seekers head for 4x4 thrills.We have to admit that roughing it--dirt roads, river crossings,
Will you avail of the introductory prices?
Indian carmaker Tata Motors is serious about its business in the Philippines. Pilipinas Taj Autogroup, the official distributor of Tata vehicles in the country, has invited to its "Big 7" launch event on September 25. Which means the company
It's a pickup, but not as we know it
The Philippine car market is a tough one to crack. Harsh local conditions and high expectations have crushed many new automotive start-ups, dragging their dreams of success along the pothole-strewn avenues till nothing but empty showrooms and rusting hulks remain.
See if one of them fits you
In October last year, we broke the news that Tata Motors was set to enter the Philippine automotive market via a local distributor called Pilipinas Taj Autogroup. The brand launch is expected to take place at the Manila International Auto Show on
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