Fulfilling an electric dream
Roughly seven years ago, the electric bug bit me in the form of a red e-bike. It was my first battery-powered transport, and I had no intention of really using it because it was slower than a motorized scooter and
A well-engineered car
You've probably heard the headlines: The Model 3 is a smaller, half-price (or thereabouts) compliment to the Model S and Model X; there are well over 500,000 paid reservations; it's the lynchpin of Elon Musk's mission to
To bring it to the market faster
Tesla boss Elon Musk has told investors that the company's upcoming compact SUV will share a lot of architecture with the new Model 3.Speaking on the company's second quarter financial results conference call, Musk confirmed sharing architecture would bring
An early review of Tesla's 'affordable' EV
What's this then? This is the Tesla Model 3, Elon Musk's first foray into proper mass production and his company's most affordable car yet. Priced at $35,000 (P1.76 million) in basic form it costs half as much
The future is here
So the first 30 production versions of the new Tesla Model 3 have now left the factory, after a handover presentation outside Tesla's Fremont factory.Company boss Elon Musk was on hand to personally oversee the handover, as well as giving
Model 3 revealed by Elon Musk himself
This is it. Tesla Model 3 hashtag 1. Numero uno. Elon Musk-he's the boss of Tesla, if you're one of the few people left on earth unaware of this-has confirmed on a social media network that the first
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