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How many variants we'll be getting and for how much they will sell
As early as December 2011, we already knew the Mitsubishi Mirage was coming to the Philippines by November 2012. During our tour of Mitsubishi's Laem Chabang plant this week, we managed to find out more details about the Japanese carmaker's
Time to buy the Japan-made Civics and Jazz while supplies last?
Honda Automobile Thailand's Ayutthaya assembly plant has resumed production for the local and Asia Pacific market after operations were suspended in October 2011 due to flooding.Since completely draining the plant of flood waters at the end of November 2011, Honda
Will you go for it?
The Civic isn't the only Honda that enjoyed the spotlight in the Philippine car market today. There's also buzz about the new Honda Jazz, which is now sourced from Japan. Honda's plant in Thailand--where the Philippines imports the
To the delight of Japanese car purists
Honda Cars Philippines will be importing the Jazz, Accord and Civic from Japan while Honda Motor's Thailand plant is under renovation after it was hit by a devastating flood late last year. "Starting February 2012, we will be importing the Jazz,
To assure customers that none will go on sale
Honda has begun the process of scrapping over 1,000 newly-assembled cars that were submerged in its Autthaya assembly plant in Thailand after the region was hit by heavy flooding last October."While we were able to relocate many new cars
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Japan's car making industry has been suffering one blow after another. Last March, the earthquake and tsunami that struck the country crippled its car manufacturing business for months. Just as the industry was getting back on its feet, floods in Thailand
Honda Cars Philippines issues a statement
As you know, among all the car companies that have a manufacturing facility in Thailand, Honda has been the most affected by the recent flooding there. Its assembly plant in Ayutthaya has been submerged in water. When we posted a photo of
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