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The Korean compact sedan evolves
The year 2016 just might be the year of the compact car. After a lull in new releases, a flurry of new C-segment competitors are set to hit showrooms next year. Hyundai, keen to reclaim lost ground from Ford in the
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It has been a decade since we've seen a true C-segment Peugeot in the Philippines, with the demise of the 307. But with Peugeot Philippines' steady push for market volume and reach, we suppose the entry of the new 308
The French make good crossovers
After a long gestation period, we finally have the Peugeot 2008 here in our market. Exclusive importer and seller Eurobrands Distributor Inc. introduced the compact crossover tonight to members of the media. But of course, had gotten first dibs
1.5-liter 5-speed MT returns
Maybe they won't admit it, but two of our editors will be a little sadder this month. Vernon and Stephanie own a first-generation and second-generation Honda Jazz, respectively. This week, they will be bombarded with ads, stories and social-
Small and striking
Among the American carmakers operating in our country, Ford enjoys the most brand cachet and loyalty. Chevrolet is still growing its market share, and Chrysler is staying on the premium side of the industry for now. Meanwhile, the Blue Oval brand is
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Once upon a time, the Toyota Corolla ruled our roads. However, the Asian economic crisis that struck the region in 1997 forced buyers to shift from compact sedans to smaller, more affordable subcompacts--at least in our country. But with over 40
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