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They may look the same, but they’re not
For the uninitiated, buying tires can be a daunting task. How can you tell the difference between one black rubber donut from another? Especially those zigzag and straight patterns...what do you call them? Tire treads? What are the differences? Which tire
Know yourself, know your bike, know your ride
Imagine spending a long vacation ride with friends. You plan so far ahead and have everything already set up on your journey when the worst possible scenario happens: Your bike stops running in the middle of the trip. In the event of
It’s such a pain in the glass
Have you ever found yourself in the middle of a drive when suddenly, you noticed a crack or a chip in your windshield? My dad has-six times in total and twice in the last month alone. It's such a hassle,
Dreaded words and why they’re said
I can't name a lot of people who enjoy going to the dealership to shop for a vehicle or have their rides serviced. Personally, I love doing it, but I may be an exception to the rule. That being said, as
This is kind of important
Grab a pen and open a notebook, because this is kind of important.If you own a car, you know its tires are a pretty big deal. It's what's keeping you and your ride firmly planted on the asphalt, whether
Has a ‘mechanic’ ever told you this?
Someone sent in this question to us and it seems they're having problems with their car's ECU (engine control unit/computer box):"I need your help. My friend has a 2003 Isuzu Trooper. He had it repaired and he's
Heed these warnings
The transmission is arguably the most complicated part of a car. Efficiently transmitting the power from the engine to a usable speed to the wheels is a demanding mechanical job, or in the case of automatic transmissions, an electro-hydraulic-mechanical affair.
An age-old question
When acquiring a new vehicle, it's only right to consider the cost of maintenance as it is an intrinsic component of car ownership. The car's transmission is one of its principal components that require care and maintenance for the vehicle
A good question given our tropical climate
Here we are in the midst of the summer heat! In the middle of traffic, what a godsend air-conditioning is, isn't it? But as comfortable as it is, it doesn't stay that way indefinitely and there's nothing more
Beware: The additional cargo can alter the truck’s handling
With the start of Holy Week being nearly upon us and most people already in vacation mode, we expect an exodus of motorists from Metro Manila in the coming days. We'll see more buses, cars, trucks, and motorcycles heading off to
'Position is everything'
Who doesn't dream of going to a motorsport driving workshop? Learning about racing lines and braking points is enough to have almost anyone feeling like they could be the next lead of a Fast and Furious film. Even the very word '
What’s the right thing to do?
This question landed in our inbox recently: "Hi, TGP. I've just started driving and read this article that says not to shift to neutral even at a red light because it causes damage to the car. When am I supposed to
Another burning question
Summer is just around the corner, and we are back with another burning question sent in by a reader: Will using the air-conditioner with the engine off damage my car?It may be tempting to leave the air-conditioning on even
Super convenient
I was in the market for a secondhand ride for the family, and I was lucky enough to find a good deal. After agreeing on a price and shaking hands, it was time to do the paperwork to transfer the name on
We can't believe we didn't try this sooner
I dread the time of the year when I have to change out my car's stickers. One for the village I live in, one for my office parking building, one for yearly LTO registration, and finally, one RFID decal for
Is it cause for concern?
Hi, I need help for my car please. My car is a Mazda 626 1997 AT model. My problem now is the delayed shifting. What should I do?The first thing you could do before taking it to a qualified mechanic is
Your radiator should be the least of your worries
Planning long-haul road trips in your head, itching for some sand between your toes, and experiencing an incessant craving for halo-halo? Don't worry, you're not alone: Summer is coming.Finally, it's time to put those vacation leaves
Here are three simple items to help ease the water crisis instead
The picture above was taken by Ian Magbanua, our classics and customs editor. He frequents The La Mesa Watershed Reservation often to hit the MTB trails. What you are looking at is pretty serious.The photo above is how the watershed normally
Let’s try to track them down
A reader has sent in this question: What could be the source of strange noises coming from my car's air-conditioner? Limited as we are with the data provided, I'll try my best to give you a diagnosis.I'm
Because summer
A reader wrote in asking: Will running a car's air-conditioner on maximum fan and maximum cool all the time damage it? It's just like asking if you open a door all the way to its widest opening, will
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