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It’s really not that hard
Do you have a Land Transportation Office (LTO) Land Transportation Management System (LTMS) account yet? If not, you kind of need one-at least if you hope to drive around these parts legally.This is because creating an LTO LTMS account is
As well as tips on how to avoid this from happening
A motorcycle has better gas mileage compared to a car for the most part, but a bike normally has a shorter range on one full tank just because bikes usually have much smaller tanks. Much, much smaller.To give you an idea,
It doesn’t have to be a stressful ordeal
For anyone who has to drive a manual, slogging through rush hour traffic is a dreadful prospect. Whether it's heading to the office or coming home from a tiring shift, the motion of rowing gears and working the pedals for several
Patience is a virtue
Right of way is one of the basic guiding principles of respectful motoring. The thing is, with the number of cars squeezed into our road system, it's easy for one to completely throw the concept out the window in favor of
Since you’ll be far from home, and probably far from civilization
A bit of a luxury, but if you're on your own, a decent winch will allow for self-recovery.Ropes and anchors are the recovery basics; without them, you can't connect to anything.A decent Hi-Lift jack is useful
Keeping you on track when you’re off the beaten path
A feature common on most off-road-capable machinery these days, descent control does precisely what it says on the tin: You engage it on a downslope, and the ABS, traction and stability control systems manage speed and traction. Some even let
The Honda Safety Driving Center shares these tips
If you've been traveling either by air, sea, or land for quite some time, we're pretty sure you've already experienced some form of motion sickness. Reports say one in three people experience motion sickness during long travels.Mind you,
Here’s a detailed explainer
So you've finally decided to pull the trigger on that brand-new car you've been saving up for. You then proceed to to check out all the available cars that fall within your budget and come up
For commuters looking for alternative modes of transport amid this pandemic
Taking public transport has become even trickier since this COVID-19 crisis started. Public transport vehicles have been forced to operate at limited capacities, all while ensuring compliance with stringent safety guidelines.Fortunately, other modes of public transport have been allowed back
“Mas malinis pa sa bahay niyo, pwedeng-pwede ka nang matulog”
Last week, we asked our rider-readers where they usually take a break mid-journey and freshen up. After all, long bike trips can leave us all sticky and sweaty. You can splash water on your face or change into something dry,
These should help other first-time car buyers to make informed decisions
You'll be hard-pressed to find someone who's ever bought a car and had absolutely zero regrets about it. And by zero we mean everything about the car was perfect, from the purchase itself to everything that came along after.
It’s important to keep the tip clean, too, you know
Exhaust tips have got to be one of the most overlooked parts when it comes to car cleaning. Have you ever said something along the lines of "time to clean my car's exhaust tips" at least once in your life? No?
What looks clean isn’t always clean
There's a running joke that on any given day you get your car washed-sometimes as soon as you pull out of your garage or car-wash place-it almost always rains. There goes your time, money, and effort down the
Because it’s rainy season once again
The rainy season is now upon us, and riders will know just how much of a hassle riding in the wet can be. Aside from low traction on wet roads, high winds, and getting soaked to the bone, another pressing concern is
A nifty product we could all use during the rainy season
With the rainy season coming right up, it's time we talk about tips that can help fellow motorists drive safely through the storms.We've covered the usual stuff like the dos and don'ts of driving in the rain. This
Something important to remember in the summertime
Parked cars outdoors plus searing summer heat isn't just a formula for a major inconvenience-it's a potential health hazard, too. But is airing out your vehicle before hopping in and driving off really as necessary as some people make
“A good rule of thumb: Assume anyone riding with you to be infectious”
There are universal standard precautions for personally protecting yourself from contagious diseases depending on the mode of transmission. For most infectious diseases, direct contact is a common way of getting it. This means staying in an enclosed space, like inside a car,
Read this if you don’t want to spend extra on the retesting fee
Are you aware that a number of private motor vehicle inspection centers (PMVICs) have begun operating in various parts of the country? Under the new Motor Vehicle Inspection System, these PMVICs will replace private emission testing centers (PETCs) in assessing the roadworthiness
Heads up
The Land Transportation Office (LTO) has been keeping busy despite last year's vehicular downtime due to the COVID-19 pandemic. This is because the agency, along with the Department of Transportation (DOTr), took 2020 as an opportunity to overhaul the Philippine
There have been a few updates
Long lines, supply shortages, scalpers, and moved deadlines-yeah, the country's shift to cashless expressways has been anything but seamless so far. Chances are, many motorists both in and out of Metro Manila still haven't gotten their hands on RFID
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