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It will be shown to the public on March 30
For weeks now, the industry rumor mills have been churning like mad over one question: Will Honda Cars Philippines (HCPI) bring in the Honda Civic Type R? First, there was the wink and nod from departing president Toshio Kuwahara. Then there was
Do not miss the Manila International Auto Show this month
Assuming you have a bank account with a lot of zeroes in it, you can buy the best automobiles in the world right here in good old Philippines. Fancy a Ferrari 488? A BMW M4? Or maybe a more 'attainable' Subaru WRX
It's inside Honda's newest dealership
The Angeles-Clark area in Pampanga is a haven for car lovers. For one, there's the track at Clark International Speedway. There are also the different lahar trails for off-road nuts. Now, there's a new place in town for
We hope our fuels can keep up
Whether we choose to believe it or not, Metro Manila pollution is getting worse with every passing day. The smog is getting thicker, just as the air is getting worse--and with the continued increase in car sales the country is currently
Are they worth your money?
If you prefer an accessorized version of the Honda HR-V, well, you don't have to look further. Honda Cars Philippines is already offering two spiced-up versions of the subcompact crossover via the 1.8 E CVT Modulo and 1.
To stand on 1,800sqm of property
With the recent introduction of the Mobilio and the coming launch of the HR-V, Honda Cars Philippines has a growing lineup of models that need to be pushed to the market. These two models have no immediate predecessors to replace, making
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