So, we've just found out that Toyota has: a) put a modified version of its brilliant turbo three-cylinder into the Toyota GR86, b) has screwed more than 300hp out of it, and c) is going racing with it. Oh, and
The wait is over: Toyota Motor Philippines (TMP) has finally shared the official prices and variants of the all-new 86. Breathe that big sigh of relief-you've earned it.Locally, the 2023 Toyota GR86, as it is more commonly referred
Here we go
Late last month, Toyota Motor Philippines (TMP) gave the local motoring media a quick preview of the all-new Toyota 86. In case you missed it, the manufacturer announced that units of the sports car within our borders will get the same
Prices and release date to follow
The Philippine market is inching closer toward a local release of the all-new Toyota 86-it's just that no one knows exactly when this will take place yet.Our hunch is soon, but until Toyota Motor Philippines (TMP) marks a
Digging the new shade?
Red, white, blue...and now orange? Yes, the verdict is in: The 2022 Toyota 86 looks pretty good sporting the sunset shade.We say this because the Japanese car manufacturer has just revealed a limited-edition release of the vehicle in the
Occam’s Razor in automotive form
Petrol-powered-sports-car-wise, this is possibly the last dance. Meet the follow-up to the GT86, now with knowhow from Toyota's motorsport-conquering Gazoo Racing division-hence the name tweak. The GR86 is still a front-engined, 2+2-
Similar to Japan’s GR86/BRZ Cup
Oh, how we envy the US. Sometimes. Anyway, we do at this particular moment because Toyota Gazoo Racing North America has announced that it's starting a new Toyota GR86 one-make race series.A similar series with the previous-gen GT86 (
What’s your opinion on scissor doors?
A couple of weeks ago, we featured a wild-looking Subaru BRZ that rode just an inch off the ground. We called it one of the most extreme builds we've ever come across-at least when we're talking stanced-out
Would you like to see a remake featuring the GR86?
The old-school AE86 is car that will always hold a special place in the hearts of Toyota fans. This isn't just because the vehicle represents a simpler time of JDM purity, but also because of Initial D.The anime series
“We are investigating future options,” says the car’s chief engineer
With a naturally aspirated gasoline engine hooked up to a manual gearbox, the all-new Toyota 86 is delightfully-and very starkly-old-school. Especially as the performance-car world becomes increasingly electrified.So was Toyota team not tempted to swing its
“The 86 wants you to up your game. You’ll willingly oblige”
Waku-doki, we think you mean. Not a new In the Night Garden character about to muscle in on the Tombliboos' turf, rather the Japanese philosophy of 'heart-pumping excitement.' We're promised the Toyota 86 is chock-a-block with it.
That clearance, though
One thing we like about the all-new Toyota 86? Its design is so damn clean. There's just the right balance of aggressiveness and elegance in the package, and all the lines and curves flow very, very nicely.That said, we
Perfect timing
It's a good few months since the all-new Toyota 86 first broke cover. A thoroughly updated but still pleasingly old-school follow-up to the first 86, it mates a nat-asp engine to rear-wheel drive and a manual
Would you like these made available locally?
As if putting 'GR' in its sports car's name wasn't Gazoo Racing (GR) enough, Toyota's now gone ahead and wrapped the all-new 86 in accessories courtesy of the new motorsport division.If you're among those who consider
Excited to try this car out virtually?
If you haven't heard already, Gran Turismo 7 is still a long while off. It's now coming out in 2022, which means...well, it's tough luck for you if you recently bought a PlayStation 5 in anticipation of a
Liking the look?
Sigma Advanced Racing Development, better known as SARD (or perhaps just as Sigma to fans of Le Mans in the '70s), is a Japanese tuning company and race team that specializes in Toyotas. It's no surprise, then, that SARD is one
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