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Ah, we meet again. We're of course referring to the Toyota C-HR, the Japanese small crossover that broke the internet when it first surfaced back in 2016. We've encountered the vehicle on numerous occasions--mostly at foreign motor shows
Over 110,000 units sold
Back in 2016, Toyota unveiled the C-HR-an edgy and modern-looking subcompact crossover built around the company's much-hyped 'New Global Architecture.' As soon as it came out, it became a hit thanks to its sweet looks and fun
And a pimped-out Camry
The recently concluded Specialty Equipment Market Association (SEMA) show in Las Vegas, as it does so well, gave some of the world's best tuners and designers a chance to showcase their best work. This year, Toyota entered two custom builds into
A review of Toyota's hottest model
Welcome to a review of the Toyota C-HR. The non-hybrid one, with a regular 1.2-liter, turbocharged four-cylinder gas engine and front-wheel drive. Toyota doesn't seem to be a fan of diesel, so if the hybrid
Aftermarket nuts will love this
Just when you thought Toyota was done hyping-up the C-HR, the company goes and drops this. The carmaker's official Japan website released new videos of its sleek new crossover, this time clad in Toyota Racing Development (TRD) aftermarket accessories.
Sleek, sexy and driver-centric
The 2016 Los Angeles Auto Show is currently in full swing, with several participating carmakers making waves via highly-hyped reveals and previews over the course of the event. Chief of these, arguably, is Toyota with the upcoming C-HR crossover. Simply
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