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The C-HR Prologue concept is a preview of the next-gen crossover
Toyota has revealed its intention to build a second-generation of its C-HR crossover, by building a car that reveals its intention to build a second-generation C-HR crossover. This is the Toyota C-HR Prologue.And it looks about
Do we take it too seriously sometimes?
I am trying, and failing, to jam another stack of flattened Amazon boxes into our recycling bin, when I notice Bob beckoning furtively from across the road. Bob lives on our street. We're on first-name terms. We're definitely not
Are you still dreaming of this subcompact crossover?
It seems like it was just yesterday that everyone in the country was drooling over the prospect of the Toyota C-HR's local arrival, and here we are almost a year later...still dreaming of the day we see it in
There’s a unit for sale
Subcompact crossovers aren't typically cars that carry a large asking price. Usually, those that cost a premium are from high-end brands, such as the BMW X2 and the Lexus UX. For the most part, cars in this segment are relatively
Do you agree with these results?
Congratulations to all the owners of the Honda CR-V-especially if you have kids. The Japanese crossover has been awarded the Best in Child Occupant Protection and Consistent 5-Star awards for 2018 by the ASEAN NCAP.The vehicle was recognized
Is this a sign?
Last week, another market hype train got going as photos of a Toyota C-HR in the Philippines-plying the streets in Dagupan City-surfaced online.We asked our friends from Toyota Motor Philippines (TMP) if any big news regarding the Japanese
Is it coming to our market?
The Toyota C-HR, with its futuristic looks and funky interior, is a vehicle our market has been lusting over since it was first revealed back in 2016. Europe has it already, as do a couple of markets in Asia-and now,
The Toyota we really want to see here
The MX5-driving wife and I attended a wedding in Spain this month, and our itinerary included us jumping through three Spanish cities: Madrid, Barcelona, and San Sebastian. We took a train from Madrid to Barcelona, which cost us about P18,000
And so did two other vehicles
The Toyota Rush hype is in full swing right now following its recent Philippine launch. If you haven't decided yet whether you like the entry-level SUV or not, then this bit of news might sway you one way or
Dig it?
Ah, we meet again. We're of course referring to the Toyota C-HR, the Japanese small crossover that broke the internet when it first surfaced back in 2016. We've encountered the vehicle on numerous occasions--mostly at foreign motor shows
Over 110,000 units sold
Back in 2016, Toyota unveiled the C-HR-an edgy and modern-looking subcompact crossover built around the company's much-hyped 'New Global Architecture.' As soon as it came out, it became a hit thanks to its sweet looks and fun
And a pimped-out Camry
The recently concluded Specialty Equipment Market Association (SEMA) show in Las Vegas, as it does so well, gave some of the world's best tuners and designers a chance to showcase their best work. This year, Toyota entered two custom builds into
A review of Toyota's hottest model
Welcome to a review of the Toyota C-HR. The non-hybrid one, with a regular 1.2-liter, turbocharged four-cylinder gas engine and front-wheel drive. Toyota doesn't seem to be a fan of diesel, so if the hybrid
Aftermarket nuts will love this
Just when you thought Toyota was done hyping-up the C-HR, the company goes and drops this. The carmaker's official Japan website released new videos of its sleek new crossover, this time clad in Toyota Racing Development (TRD) aftermarket accessories.
Sleek, sexy and driver-centric
The 2016 Los Angeles Auto Show is currently in full swing, with several participating carmakers making waves via highly-hyped reveals and previews over the course of the event. Chief of these, arguably, is Toyota with the upcoming C-HR crossover. Simply
We want this crossover
Wow, you won't mistake the Toyota C-HR for anything else.Nope. When we first saw it at motor shows, the C-HR made a big impression. Now we have reviewed it on the road, we can say this small Toyota
Not a concept
Toyota knew it was a bit tardy with its small crossover. So it figured it had to make a splash. The C-HR is that splash."The designers drew an early sketch for a concept car, and we told them 'stop there'.
Subcompact crossover segment heats up
Ford hit a mini gold mine when it released the EcoSport in our market. It was priced like a subcompact--albeit a pricy one--but had an SUV-like ride height. And for the longest time it had no direct competition, although
What an awesome-looking crossover
Remember the Toyota C-HR concept? For those who may have forgotten, it's the little crossover that was first seen at the Paris Motor Show in 2014, and once again in Frankfurt the following year. It's the vehicle concept that
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