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We know how you can get one for P20,000
Perfect time to buy a brand-new Toyota
Toyota Motor Philippines is welcoming the fourth and last quarter of 2012 with a massive blowout as it opens the door to the Toyota Caravan this weekend.To be held from October 5 to 12 at the corner of 34th Street and
Good news for new-car buyers
The 2011 Toyota Caravan kicks off on October 6, with buyers set to enjoy deals that may be applied on top of Toyota Motor Philippines' existing promos.Car shoppers who buy a new vehicle at the Toyota Caravan can get discounts of
Check out the Toyota Caravan at the Fort now
Market leader Toyota Motor Philippines is opening the last quarter of the year with Toyota Caravan, a six-day affair where would-be car buyers are bound to find Toyota vehicles irresistible.With loads of potential discounts and treats, the Toyota Caravan
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