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Rare, odd, and definitely Japanese
Dull-looking hen's-teeth supermini has blown three-cylinder of 105bhp, way before we got the Ecoboost. Little car, big fun.Looked puny, but had 227hp and Skyline-type electronic 4WD. Homologation special, and also great to drive, like an Integrale.
We drive the prototype in Spain
When you imagine Toyota's legendary Supra-particularly the last JZA80 or MKIV generation-what pops to mind? The infamous orange Supra from The Fast And The Furious racing the Ferrari and the Dodge Challenger at the end of the movie? How
There's a gem under the hood
Here's one for the Toyota fans out there. We've spotted a 1972 TA22 Toyota Celica coupe in black for sale on Facebook, and, based on the seller's photographs, it looks like it's in pretty decent shape. However, what
As original as it gets
Classic Toyotas have been quietly gaining recognition in the international vintage collector market. A good example is the first-generation Celica. This car was based on the EX1, a beautifully curvaceous concept car touted by Toyota as the "Car of the Future"
It gave birth to Sushi Factory
Architect Jeiven Perez is a lucky dude for being able to build the car of his dreams. And when we saw photos of this scene-stealing 1971 Toyota Celica ST (TA22) floating around on Facebook, we knew we had to feature it."
The ultimate dream car project
To say that the first-generation Toyota Celica made a splash when it first came out in 1971 is a huge understatement. It was a pioneer in the '70s "supercoupe market" alongside other popular models such as the Opel Manta, the Ford
Help a fellow reader by taking the poll
A reader by the name of Jolo Otarra sent us the photos you see here with the following message: \"Hello, Top Gear! I\'m just curious about a car I\'m planning to buy. It\'s a 1976 or 1977 Toyota Celica
Gorgeous sum of the parts
The Toyota 86 may be a joint project with Subaru, which offers the identical BRZ, but one look around the 86 and you'll notice that its styling is reminiscent of past Toyotas:* The front end looks very much like the seventh (
To the applause of tuners everywhere!
A heavily modified Toyota Celica GT4 beat numerous race cars, including recent Formula 1 contenders, to become the fastest car to drive up the over 1.8-kilometer driveway of the Goodwood House at the 2011 Goodwood Festival of Speed.Built and
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