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We’ve come up with a short list to mark TMP’s recent sales milestone
That backdrop looks familiar
Still counting the days until you can finally get back behind the wheel? Don't hold your breath. Authorities have extended the Luzon-wide enhanced community quarantine until April 30, and there's really no telling at the moment whether or not
Coupes are cool
One of the several attractive Japanese cars to be offered here during the '70s and early '80s was the Toyota Corona Hardtop, aka the 'Macho Machine'. In terms of styling and refinement, the one that stood out the most between the two
Check this out in case you missed the event
If you were too busy sleeping the hours away this past weekend, then you probably missed the all-Toyota car festival in Pasay City on May 26th. Bummer.Custom and classic Toyotas alike lined up for the Toyota Car Fest 2019 at
For the love of the Japanese brand
The Top Gear PH Facebook page is really a treasure trove. Not just for information, questions, or reactions, but also for genuine people who, like us, treat cars like part of the family. Hell, some of us grew up and grew old
Delivers pancit instead of tofu
We assume you know about the anime series Initial D, which tells the story of Takumi Fujiwara, who serves as the delivery boy for his father's tofu shop using a Toyota AE86 Trueno. The series basically establishes Takumi's racing--and
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