We get a glimpse of what the next-gen sedan might look like
Several reports have surfaced over the past year about how Toyota is planning on discontinuing the Crown and turning the iconic sedan into an SUV. Well, it appears that might not be the case after all.According to a report by Best
The nameplate will supposedly live on as an SUV in the carmaker’s lineup
When we try to think about the most iconic Toyota models to have ever been built, the Crown is one of the first nameplates that come to mind. Anyone who has been to Japan has probably ridden comfortably in the back seat
We’d like to see these turned into posters
Skylines didn't always scream performance. The MX-5 wasn't always so angry. The Suzuki Jimny wasn't always so big (lol). And the Subaru Impreza? It didn't always look like-well okay, this one always did look like it
For the love of the Japanese brand
The Top Gear PH Facebook page is really a treasure trove. Not just for information, questions, or reactions, but also for genuine people who, like us, treat cars like part of the family. Hell, some of us grew up and grew old
With hybrid powertrains
In a rapidly changing automotive landscape, the Toyota Crown nameplate has survived since 1955. In the Philippines, it's perhaps best known as the personal car of President Cory Aquino--the one she rode away in following Fidel Ramos's
To be revealed at the Tokyo Motor Show
Toyota's not done releasing previews for this year's Tokyo Motor Show just yet. The Japanese carmaker has just announced it will be displaying a new concept version of the Toyota Crown luxury sedan, further bolstering what's already one of
They don't make 'em like they used to
Old-school Toyotas have always held a big place in the hearts of Filipino car guys, thanks in part to Toyota's status as one of the most successful car manufacturers in the country. Its varied lineup has always something for everyone,
Will this retire the iconic Crown?
It has been said that a country's taxicabs are its ambassadors to tourists and the outside world. Proof of this can be seen in such places as London and New York.Another famous taxicab that has gained popularity among tourists is
To be offered in Japan this month
The Toyota Crown was once known as the default ride for many executives back in the '70s to the late '90s. Before the arrival of the Camrys, the Accords and the Cefiros, the Crown had ferried the bosses to and from the
Can PH ever build a world-class car?
Pride is something that all Filipinos take to heart--we're brimming with it, sometimes to a fault. We take pride in our sports icons, and we're genuinely happy whenever we hear of a kababayan making it big abroad. We at
For a limited time only in Japan
Despite its conservative origins as a popular full-size executive sedan favored by aging corporate bosses in Japan--and even in the Philippines when it was previously available here in the late \'80s--the Toyota Crown will now be available for a
A one-of-a-kind executive car
Remember the Toyota Crown? Before the Camry became the go-to sedan for corporate types, the Crown was the Japanese carmaker\'s offering for those who wanted non-European automotive pampering. Back in the mid-\'90s, it was the choice of politicians
Awards brand-new Innova to owner
While Ford Group Philippines is currently getting all the attention for announcing yesterday that it will close down its manufacturing facility in Santa Rosa, Laguna, at the end of the year, Toyota Motor Philippines has quietly celebrated a manufacturing milestone in the
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