Articles about Toyota Fortuner

This SUV model is a rock star, too
A few days before I picked up this test unit, my five-year-old daughter had said to me: "Daddy? Can you buy a bigger car, please? Like a monster truck!" I had been driving the same compact SUV ever since she
Another midsize showdown
Yes, we know-it's yet another midsize SUV matchup between two Japanese heavyweights. But the segment has been so busy and chock-full of new, worthwhile offerings that it's just impossible to ignore.Besides, we have yet to pit Isuzu'
An SUV for the (middle class) masses
As part of the 'Innovative International Multi-purpose Vehicle' triumvirate alongside the Innova and the Hilux, the Fortuner was the first truly 21st century ladder frame SUV in its class. Over the years, it has ruled the sales charts thanks to a
Competition is heating up
Earlier this year, Nissan caught the automotive scene's attention with the announcement that the rumored Terra midsize SUV is indeed a real thing. With seven seats, rugged looks and a familiar Japanese badge plastered up front, the Philippine market got excited,
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