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A good thing or a bad thing?
While a handful of concept vehicles unveiled at motor shows never make it to production, many of them come back to auto exhibitions ready to take on the market. Case in point: the Lexus LC500. Launched in the Philippine market in 2017,
We get to know the car for a few short hours
First things first: The Toyota 86 is simply known as, well, the Toyota 86. It goes by that name in Japan so JDM fanatics shouldn't have a hard time remembering it. In Europe, however, it's known as the GT86, while
Something to do over the weekend?
So, you'd like a Toyota 86 but you can't wait for Toyota Motor Philippines to bring it here? (Although, if you ask us, this car is arriving really soon.) Well, you can now get your hands on one but you'
We like!
To the delight of purists or those who like to do everything from scratch, Toyota will reportedly be selling a stripped-down variant of the 86. The only catch is that it will be sold only in Japan.According to,
Old-school meets new-school
The Toyota 86 is the latest in the Japanese carmaker's long line of sports car. To pay homage to 86's humble origin, Toyota had its newest rear-wheel drive sports coupe share the track with its very first production sports
Drive it ahead of everyone else!
Toyota finally unveiled the 86, the production version of the FT-86 concept car, at the 42nd Tokyo Motor Show. Although it's due to go on sale sometime in 2012, you could already get behind the wheel of this highly anticipated
After nearly a year of teasing
Less than a month after Subaru finally unveiled its much-awaited BRZ two-door sports coupe in concept form at the LA Auto Show, the Japanese carmaker has finally the production version of the sports car it co-developed with Toyota at
Via a one-minute video!
Toyota Europe has posted a short but revealing video on YouTube showing the design evolution of the FT-86 concept car. In production form, the coupe will be called the GT 86. Watch the one-minute video and grow increasingly impatient to
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