In the market for a secondhand pickup?
Launched in 2005 under the 'Innovative International Multi-purpose Vehicle' program, the Toyota Hilux shared many of its underpinnings and mechanical attributes with the Innova MPV and the Fortuner SUV. This allowed Toyota to offer a fully modern pickup with fuel-efficient
Weighing the pickup's pros and cons
The great pickup wars of 2018 is upon us, and everybody's getting ready for a showdown. Toyota is in it to win it, and its beefing up its defense and offense to protect the Hilux line from the likes of Ford,
We smell competition
In case you missed it, Toyota Motor Philippines has recently launched the Hilux Conquest--a rougher, sportier take on the Japanese carmaker's popular pickup truck offering.While the Conquest doesn't offer any worthwhile upgrades performance-wise (the same 2.8-
A more aggressive take on the workhorse
The Toyota Hilux Conquest is officially out. The Japanese carmaker introduced the new variant of its popular pickup offering last night, showing off a more rugged body kit with a handful of sporty accents and an attractive new 'Nebula Blue' paint finish.
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