Fantastic drivetrain sets this truck apart
The assessment of the all-new Toyota Hilux isn't just about how better it is compared to the previous generation, but also how it will introduce the new IMV class. Since it shares platform with the forthcoming Fortuner and Innova, how
You know what this means
Earlier this month, Toyota unveiled the second-generation Innova. The hot-selling multipurpose vehicle now boasts a more premium feel, with equally upscale features and a design that seems more crossover than MPV.After barely two weeks of waiting, the Japanese car
Check out the tasteful interior
After months of waiting and guessing, the third and final member of Toyota's Innovative International Multipurpose Vehicle (IMV) triumvirate has finally arrived. Yes, the 2016 Toyota Innova has finally broken cover in Indonesia.If you saw our story a few days
And we like what we see
Back in 2004, Japanese carmaker Toyota introduced a brilliant way of designing and manufacturing its commercial vehicles (read: SUV, pickup and MPV), employing a single platform called IMV (Innovative International Multipurpose Vehicle), upon which three different models would be based. Those three
It's about getting to where you're going
The Toyota Innova is the only member of the IMV triumvirate not to have a revealed replacement yet. Fortuner and Hilux fans may not agree that Toyota is saving the best for last, but in terms of contribution to the bottom line,
More details on the new IMV motors
Toyota is no stranger to diesel engines. Those of you who are old enough may remember the HiAce van being offered with a diesel mill back in the '80s. While that powerplant was the noisy and anemic oil-burner, it did the
Check out their specifications
It's safe to say that the most-awaited vehicle models right now in the Philippine market are the Toyota IMV (Innovative International Multipurpose Vehicle) trio of the Hilux, the Fortuner and the Innova. We can definitively tell you that the new
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