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With a 50% down payment, of course
It isn't just the recent series of launches Toyota Motor Philippines (TMP) is getting busy with for its 35th-anniversary celebration. In true TMP fashion, the carmaker is still continuously rolling out promos month in and month out.For August, TMP
We know a lot of you are thinking of customizing this
The Toyota Lite Ace, the go-to barkada van of the '90s, makes a comeback to the local market with a slight tweak to its name (it's now spelled Lite Ace instead of Lite Ace) and without any rear seats in
Would this work in PH?
The Toyota Lite Ace is arguably the most flexible light commercial vehicle available in the local market today. While it isn't a passenger car from the get-go, Atoy Customs has already shown it can be modified to fit the purpose
Wait until you see the interior
Ever since the Toyota Lite Ace was launched here, we've been wondering what mods one can do with the little hauler. Sure, it's a utility vehicle, but we also think it has so much potential in the aftermarket scene. For
Rebadged as the Bongo and Bongo Brawny vans, respectively
The things you find when you go and browse offerings in other markets can be fascinating. We were over at the Mazda website in Japan, and we came across a few very familiar-looking vehicles in its lineup: the Hiace and the
Working his magic, as usual
Pretty much any model can be a passenger car. Frankly, all you really need is somewhere to put a person, a working engine, and a driver's seat, right?Coming up with something serviceable, though, is another matter. If you're looking
Considering the Lite Ace?
With the way the economy is going, these are some very uncertain times for local businesses. But if you think the big corporations have it rough, just imagine what smaller players are going through.If you're the owner of a micro,
The Cargo and the FX join the model lineup
Just two weeks after the initial launch of the 2023 Toyota Lite Ace in the country, the model lineup gets expanded with two new variants that are now available for preorder: the FX Utility Van and the Cargo Aluminum Van.These two
We compare it to one of its direct competitors, the Suzuki Carry Truck
The Toyota Lite Ace has returned to the Philippine market, but for now, the lineup is limited to the more utilitarian pickup and panel van variants. Here, we'll be pitting the Lite Ace Pickup against the Suzuki Carry Truck-its closest
Hyundai has also unveiled its Avanza- and Xpander-fighting MPV, the Stargazer
Which body type would you go with?
The Liteace is back. Well, sort of. It's the Toyota Lite Ace now, with an added space in between some letters. This one also has a different target market in its sights: business owners.Toyota Motor Philippines (TMP) launched the 2022
Toyota’s new light commercial vehicle has finally landed
This is finally it. After some waiting, Toyota Motor Philippines (TMP) has now launched the all-new Lite Ace.This light commercial vehicle is a returning nameplate in our market. But once known as a tiny and budget-friendly barkada-slash-family
We compare the two using the details we know about the Lite Ace so far
Okay, so Toyota Motor Philippines (TMP) has finally confirmed the Lite Ace's arrival. We reckon other carmakers with light commercial vehicles in their lineups must be on their toes for this launch.Suzuki Philippines (SPH) is one brand that should be
Full specifications will be released during the launch
The word is out, people: Toyota Motor Philippines (TMP) is officially launching the Lite Ace on July 15, 2022. After months of speculation, we finally have confirmation.TMP has now sent an invite for the launch, and it has also confirmed that
We also have the tentative prices and specs of Hyundai PH’s new lineup
That’s for retail sales—wholesales will begin earlier in July
We've recently gotten hold of some details about the local specs and pricing of the Toyota Lite Ace. An important question remains unanswered, though: When will it be available?Well, we've just learned that Toyota Motor Philippines (TMP) will begin
The Panel Van is expected to sell for P655k and the Pickup for P570k
Hold up on those two Hyundais for a minute and shift your attention back to the other big model that a lot of us are waiting for-the Toyota Lite Ace.Rumor has it that the Lite Ace will be Toyota Motor
Dropside pickup and panel-van versions could arrive in July
It looks like Toyota Motor Philippines (TMP) is taking the fight to Suzuki. Not with any new small hatchback, subcompact crossover, or seven-seat MPV, but with a Suzuki Carry-rivaling offering: the Toyota Lite Ace.According to a trusted source, TMP
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