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They’re electric and hydrogen-powered concepts from the 2023 Tokyo Auto Salon
The Japanese carmaker sold 9.56 million vehicles from January to November 2022
Despite all the setbacks brought about by the pandemic and the global chip shortage, it appears 2022 has still been a good year for Toyota for the most part. It may have missed its production targets, but it's still on track
Alongside the IMV-0 Concept, or what could be the modern-day Tamaraw FX
We recently received news about a hydrogen-powered Hilux that Toyota is currently working on in the UK. While that seems like exciting news, let's be real-aside from the fact that it's in a faraway market, we're a
The carmaker just announced huge cuts to its global production next month
Toyota has had to make several production cuts this year due to many different factors, the ongoing pandemic and the global chip shortage being the biggest ones. As we head towards the final quarter of 2022, though, it appears the company's
The new model has just been unveiled in Japan
Well, what do you know? Just a few weeks back, we were talking about how the Toyota Sienta could make for a good Avanza substitute. Now, the carmaker has unveiled the all-new Sienta in its home market of Japan. Coincidence? We
Production will be reduced by 20% in April, 10% in May, and 5% in June
It's been one production hit after the other for Toyota in 2021. This new one, however, is arguably the biggest that the carmaker will be taking so far this year.According to a report by Reuters, Toyota Motor Corporation will be
It has beaten Volkswagen in global sales for the second year in a row
Toyota made it back to the top of global sales charts in 2020 as it overtook Volkswagen to become the top-selling car company in the world. Now, it appears 2021 has been the same story for the carmaker.According to a
On average, the company would have to build 900,000 cars per month
Production of automotive companies took a hit last year due to a lot of issues-aside from multiple pandemic-related lockdowns, there were also supply-chain disruptions and the ongoing global chip shortage to deal with.Toyota, for example, has had to
The OS will control basic and advanced functions, including autonomous tech
Toyota Motor Corporation has made it clear that over the next decade, it'll be going electric. But that's not the only thing that the carmaker will be focusing on in the coming years.According to a report by Nikkei Asia
New year, new car, perhaps?
A few years ago, Toyota big boss Akio Toyoda turned a lot of heads when he pulled up to the track in a one-off Century GRMN. Now, we have reason to think that the Japanese carmaker just might be cooking up
This compact MPV looks ready to take on our market
We already have a wide range of affordable people-haulers available in our market. That said, we'd be eager to see new ones arrive here, especially if they'll also come in practical, budget-friendly packages.The Daihatsu Xenia is one
It’s smaller, but it still does look the part
Whether you like it or not, the world's biggest automotive companies are going electric, and that includes Japanese giant Toyota. The carmaker has now confirmed that it's betting big on electrification, so much so that it plans to introduce 30
The carmaker wants EVs to account for 100% of its global sales by 2035
Toyota recently unveiled its plans to achieve carbon neutrality in Western Europe by 2035. It appears, however, that the company has even bolder goals on a global scale.In a recent press briefing, Toyota Motor Corporation president Akio Toyoda laid down the
We’ll be seeing the brand shift to a zero-emissions lineup
Toyota has already revealed its plans to roll out more than a dozen electric vehicles by 2025. Over the following decade, though, expect the carmaker to ramp up its electrification efforts even further.According to a report by Nikkei Asia, the Japanese
The company expects to produce 800,000 units globally in December
Just like every other carmaker, Toyota took a big hit in 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic. But despite that, it still had a relatively good year, becoming the world's top-selling carmaker for the first time in five years.
The company is set to temporarily suspend operations of two manufacturing plants
Toyota recently had to hit the brakes on its production in Thailand as the new Delta variant of COVID-19 spreads further across the country. Now, the carmaker is set to temporarily suspend operations of two of its other plants, this time
It wants to transform old batteries into storage systems for renewable energy
About a decade from now, we'll be seeing automakers across the world shift to fully-electric and carbon-neutral lineups. While that may seem like a huge step towards a sustainable future, the transition doesn't come without some challenges.One
The company had a big year, COVID-19 notwithstanding
Toyota Motor Corporation president and CEO Akio Toyoda has achieved many things throughout his nearly three decades at the helm of the world's biggest car company. Now, the big boss is adding yet another trophy to his portfolio: The 2021 World
The vehicle has just obtained PQS prequalification from the WHO
Toyota Motor Corporation (Toyota) and its partner companies have taken big steps forward in the fight against this ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. A Land Cruiser 78 with a dedicated refrigerator for vaccine transportation has just obtained Performance, Quality, and Safety (PQS) prequalification.
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