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The vehicle has just been launched in the South African market
Yes, gearheads, Toyota has actually revived the iconic Starlet badge. Pleasant day, isn't it? Well, don't get your hopes too high, because this hatch was just launched in South Africa.Also, this new Starlet isn't exactly the modern iteration
A modern pocket rocket inspired by the 80s icon
Next on our list of past icons to bring back is the Toyota Starlet, particularly the 60-series. This iteration has become a legend among car enthusiasts thanks to its low weight and rear-drive architecture. We chose the modified rally versions
Nothing quite like an old-schooler track day
Show car, a daily car or a race car? Having just one classic vehicle in my garage, I'm faced with the dilemma of choosing a career path for my beloved 1981 Toyota Starlet. This little yellow car has joined a mini
Old-school beauty at its finest
They say cats have nine lives, but we'd wager that the same idiom could also apply to old-school cars that stand the test of time. Take the Toyota Starlet, for example. The diminutive Japanese car became legend over its lifetime,
A treasure in the PH car-enthusiast community
Many a racer began their career behind the wheel of this very popular commuter car. a mainstay in slalom events, the Toyota 'KP' Starlet was (and still is) the toy to have if you wanted to take your first steps into grass-
Tempting, tempting
What car models resonate with you reveal when you grew up. For me, the '80s was a time when I became a hardcore car addict. It was during this decade that I began to appreciate the humble Toyota Starlet, and to this
This Toyota Starlet is utterly stunning
The Toyota Starlet is not just an iconic car. It has reached legendary status in most Japa­nese old-school circles. Known then as a budget ride that had almost limitless setup capabilities, it was a car loved by both casual drivers
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