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The long, long, *long* wait for the new MkV Supra is nearly over
Toyota's Euro boss says future lead times will be cut
No sooner is the 2018 Paris Motor Show over and we've one eye on the approaching LA shindig. But the new Toyota Supra won't be revealed until the Detroit Motor Show in January 2019-a full five years
We drive the prototype in Spain
When you imagine Toyota's legendary Supra-particularly the last JZA80 or MKIV generation-what pops to mind? The infamous orange Supra from The Fast And The Furious racing the Ferrari and the Dodge Challenger at the end of the movie? How
We're not sure how we feel about this
Good news for the tiny minority of you who think the new BMW Z4 is even halfway good-looking (if a straw poll of the TG UK office is representitive, you're pretty much on your own). If you don't want/
It could weigh 100kg less
Exciting news. Gazoo Racing chief and father of the new 2019 Toyota Supra, Tetsuya Tada, has confirmed that a stripped-out, track-focused version is already part of his plan for the reborn sports car, co-developed with the new BMW Z4.
Our Botchi Santos shares his car-guy journey
For the most part, I never imagined myself being a Toyota guy. I've owned three Toyotas in the last ten years, but prior to that, I had owned Mitsubishis and a Nissan. But my Toyota ownership has been quite interesting, gut-
The driver was looking for a barber
For the past four years, Toyota's been teasing us with rumors and trickles of information about its upcoming fifth-generation Supra. Yes, the one it's been developing in partnership with BMW.Earlier this year, the Japanese carmaker presented the GR
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