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‘So much room for activities!’
The Toyota TJ Cruiser is an odd-looking thing. Its polarizing exterior-composed of hard lines, bulky proportions, and a ridiculously oversized face and grille-is going to be a point of debate for many of those who manage to see it
Is this the next FJ?
Do you miss the FJ Cruiser? So do we. If you aren't over the fact that Toyota has ceased production of the iconic off-roader, maybe this will cheer you up. A spiritual successor of sorts to the legendary Toyota will
Toyota's Concept-i is the ideal partner
We've already run a number of stories about the concept cars that Toyota will be unveiling at the 2017 Tokyo Motor Show, but nothing beats seeing the models up close, and hearing the engineers and designers talk about their beloved projects.
Meet the TJ Cruiser
The Toyota FJ Cruiser is dead. Long live the Toyota TJ Cruiser. This utterly delightful concept will appear at the Tokyo Motor Show in a couple of weeks, and it apparently launches a whole new sub-genre.Yep, it's "the birth
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