The next Hilux might look like the new Tacoma
When it comes to trucks and SUVs, Toyota has a tendency to hang on a single generation for a long time. For instance, the Land Cruiser 200 hung around for over a decade, while the Land Cruiser Prado 150 Series is still
Toyota stresses that this is not a campervan
Feeling guilt at being besotted with what you see here, having considered yourself an enemy of the campervan scene? Well, worry not, because it's not a campervan. Toyota informs us the Tacozilla is 'a backwoods overlanding-ready micro-house rig.' So
A modern-day tribute to the Toyota Chinook
We're now fully-versed in carmakers producing their own concepts for the SEMA show. What we're less accustomed to is those concepts being retro-inspired campervans.The Toyota Tacozilla will be just that. It's a modern-day tribute to
This is the life
There are a handful of reasons why a moneyed motorist might decide to throw an absurd amount of cash at enhancing an already capable ride. Usually, it's for added performance to suit his or her needs-perhaps an upgraded suspension setup
We can’t wait to see what the carmaker has in store for us next
This year's SEMA show-or the SEMA360, rather-is well underway, and we're seeing quite a few interesting builds already.Frankly, we still wish we could've gone to an actual event to see everything up close because the cars
A pretty nasty Tacoma
If you're an avid reader of our content here at Top Gear PH, you probably know that our team's pretty fond of renders. If you haven't seen them yet, you should check out these modernized designs from our resident
Karate chops included
Chuck Norris can be described with many titles: Air Force veteran, actor, martial artist, Karate champion, living Internet meme. He's so awesome, in fact, that they say his tears can cure cancer. Shame, because he has never, ever cried. Oh, and
We try out America's Hilux
Over in pickup-loving US, they don't have the Toyota Hilux. Their version is the Tacoma, and here's a review of this tough-looking American truck.What on earth is a Tacoma?It's a pickup that the Americans get,
Tacoma inspired by 1985 film version
The DeLorean DMC-12 may have stolen the show in the Back To The Future trilogy, yet fans acknowledge that there is another cool ride in this iconic '80s film series. This was the black Toyota pickup that lead character Marty McFly (
With Tacoma pickup in US market
The GoPro action camera is a resilient device that has a massive following. It's tough, handy and quite good at its main purpose--capturing video. It's also resilient toward competitors, fending off copycats and thriving despite the threat of the
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