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Watch this if you missed the race
The official race results and the photos may give you a glimpse into the kind of fun that spectators had during the first leg of the 2015 Vios Cup. However, these alone cannot communicate the cars' growling engines and the nerve-racking
On-track action and off-track fun
If you missed the nail-biting race that took place last weekend at Clark International Speedway, we have you covered. No less than our resident drive-by shooter Mikko David was our team's official photographer during the first leg of the
Here's the complete list of winners
The second season of waku-doki has begun. Once again breaking the country's motorsports record for the largest grid, the 2015 Vios Cup season-opener had 41 cars on the starting grid of Clark International Speedway last Saturday (March 21). It'
The excitement exceeded our expectations
While the first two legs of the 2014 Toyota Vios Cup, held at Clark International Speedway, were awesome, they did come with an obvious caveat: They were a bit far from Metro Manila. Hence the question: What would happen if you brought
In the media category, that is
So, Toyota Motor Philippines made history last weekend by successfully capping its one-make race series, the 2014 Toyota Vios Cup. The last leg was done in a specifically built (and specially tight) track at the McKinley West development property in Bonifacio
Our print associate editor is participating
During last week's 2014 Vios Cup practice session at Clark International Speedway, a mock 20-lap race was held to simulate what it would be like to be out there on the McKinley West street circuit this weekend.After launching from
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