We try Toyota's facelifted small car
Did you ever look at Toyota's most affordable car and think, wouldn't it be great if it looked...better? Yes, you'd be paying half of what an Altis costs, but that doesn't mean it
Does the refresh stack up?
With compacts getting bigger and more expensive as each year passes, mini hatchbacks have carved out their own niche in the car-buying market. In particular, they've been a hit with first-time car buyers and the single working crowd. One
Likely coming to the PH soon
Is a new Toyota Wigo on the way? New images of the city hatch's refreshed version-called the Toyota Agya in other markets-recently broke cover on the Toyota Indonesia website, showing off an edgier, more mature exterior design, and a
Affordable car for the masses
Efficiency is dictating purchases these days, and small hatchbacks perfectly fit the bill. They're easier to live with and are packed with goodies minus the prohibitive price, something totally unheard of before. Small hatchbacks are the biggest thing now. Unsurprisingly,
An affordable car from a reliable brand
It's only been a few months since the official launch of the Toyota Wigo, and already, dealers are having trouble meeting demand for the Indonesian-made hatchback. Of course, this might have something to do with Toyota's unduly
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