One can hope
As far as hybridization is concerned, no mass-market brands in the Philippines are as committed as Toyota. At least not yet. Locally, the Japanese manufacturer already offers the RAV4, Camry, Altis, and Corolla Cross with cleaner powertrains.Still, it kind of
Toyota turns the Corolla wagon into a mini cargo hauler
This is the Corolla Commercial. It's essentually a car-based van but Toyota did the research and realised that vans that look like vans attract thieves when parked outside their drivers' houses overnight. So they left the glass in
Why fix what isn’t broken?
Yesterday, we speculated that Ferdinand Marcos Jr. might have ditched the recent trend of using Japanese SUVs as presidential vehicles. This, after he rolled into his inauguration ceremony riding a previous-generation Mercedes-Benz S-Class.Not long after the ceremony concluded,
Would have been neat to see the LC300 get a crack at the role
Japanese SUVs appear to be out as the country's official presidential vehicle. Taking its place under Ferdinand Marcos Jr.'s stint as the Philippine head of state? European sedans.President Marcos Jr. was driven to his inauguration inside a silver previous-
Yet another hybrid
We recently learned that Toyota and Suzuki are gearing up to launch a brand-new SUV in India. Now, it appears teasers for said SUV are already out.Toyota India has been putting out previews of the upcoming model, and various reports
Could our market get it?
Toyota and Suzuki have been working hand in hand together developing cars ever since the two brands entered a business alliance in 2017. Some of the more notable products from this partnership include the Suzuki ACross and Toyota Urban Cruiser (seen above),
We also have the tentative prices and specs of Hyundai PH’s new lineup
How much would you be willing to pay for this?
Admittedly, there isn't anything too special about this Toyota GR Yaris unit upfront. It's bone-stock, with everything from its black exterior coat to the turbocharged power plant as standard as they were out of the dealership.The main selling
That’s for retail sales—wholesales will begin earlier in July
We've recently gotten hold of some details about the local specs and pricing of the Toyota Liteace. An important question remains unanswered, though: When will it be available?Well, we've just learned that Toyota Motor Philippines (TMP) will begin wholesales
The Panel Van is expected to sell for P655k and the Pickup for P570k
Hold up on those two Hyundais for a minute and shift your attention back to the other big model that a lot of us are waiting for-the Toyota Liteace.Rumor has it that the Liteace will be Toyota Motor Philippines' (TMP)
The second and third legs will happen in August and November, respectively
Yep, it's that time of the year again: Toyota Motor Philippines (TMP) has now announced the full schedule of this year's Vios Cup.Now formally called the Toyota Gazoo Racing Vios Cup, the premier one-make-race series will kick
Now this is what we call durability
If there's one thing a Michael Bay movie is good for, it's explosions. It doesn't matter if it's a car, a plane, an aircraft carrier-hell, even a meteor. If you can touch it, Bay will have it
A true classic
Ah, the Toyota Tamaraw FX. There are few cars that elicit such warm feelings of nostalgia like this one. If you have any recollections of growing up in the Philippines in the '90s, then you would have no doubt seen more than
A one-two in the Hypercar class for the Japanese team
Toyota has taken the checkered flag at the 90th edition of the 24 Hours of Le Mans, sealing the team's fifth victory in succession after clocking well over 5,000km and 380 laps of Circuit de La Sarthe.Victory for the
The Supra that Toyota should've made from the start?
Here it is: three pedals in the footwell, a gear lever amid the centre console. A centre console that's been thoroughly redesigned, Toyota says, because it was never intended to take a wobbly stick.As you'll probably remember, the Supra
The issues stems from their brake actuator ECUs
Are you one of the lucky few who were able to snag a Land Cruiser LC300 when the SUV first became available? Well, we have some unfortunate news: You might already have to bring your unit in for repairs.Toyota Motor Philippines (
What exactly is it?
At first glance, the vehicle you see before you is a pre-facelift Toyota Land Cruiser J60. Four-strip grille design, rounded headlights, and rectangular blinkers-pretty standard stuff, right? Well, not exactly.Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg, better known as internet celebrity
Dropside pickup and panel-van versions could arrive in July
It looks like Toyota Motor Philippines (TMP) is taking the fight to Suzuki. Not with any new small hatchback, subcompact crossover, or seven-seat MPV, but with a Suzuki Carry-rivaling offering: the Toyota Liteace.According to a trusted source, TMP is
Does anyone here prefer the brand’s older designs?
Car designs have changed quite a bit over the past decade or two. Back in the day, hard lines and boxy proportions were the in thing. Vehicles' looks became more rounded out over time, and now carmakers are opting for edgier appearances
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