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To those who missed out the last time, take note
Remember Toyota Motor Philippines's (TMP) huge promo for October? If, for whatever reason, you intended to check the sale out but missed your chance, then we have some good news for you: That offer just got extended.You heard that right-
Is this the future of motoring?
Small autonomous, battery-powered daily drivers-is this the future of urban mobility? Toyota seems to think so, and is even showcasing a handful of production-ready ultra-compact battery-electric vehicles (BEV) at this year's Tokyo Motor Show ahead of
In compliance with the government’s CARS Program
Toyota Motor Philippines (TMP) manufactures two vehicles locally: the Innova and the best-selling Vios. The latter saw an all-new model launched just last year, where it was announced that it would be TMP's participating model in the government's
It’s a new hybrid era indeed
It's been a while since the current-generation Toyota Yaris first hit the Philippine market. It did receive a refresh a couple of years back, but it still felt as if a major rework was a bit overdue. Thankfully, the Japanese
It’s for Japan only
What if we told you that in a faraway place, Toyota's racing skunkworks Gazoo Racing has just launched a new open-top lightweight sports car? A back-to-basics fun machine. A roadster with a manual gearbox, sports suspension, a turbocharger,
A van by any other name
Since its launch in 2006, the Avanza has been a steady seller for Toyota. Catering to the 'Asian utility vehicle' market that the brand left behind when it ditched the boxy Tamaraw Revo for the more upscale-and expensive-Innova, the Avanza
The company will let people test this self-driving car next year
Toyota isn't just bringing its fancy Mirai limo to this month's Tokyo Motor Show-the LQ Concept is coming, too.Of course the LQ is powered by electricity-Toyota says it has a range of about 300km. But central to
Like its new look?
Just when we think we've wrapped our heads around the car industry-able to second-guess each new car launch-something like the new Toyota Mirai happens. Joining the great motoring curveball hall of fame comes one of the biggest model
A side-by-side comparo between relatives
The Toyota Land Cruiser is said to be the world standard for what an all-terrain vehicle should be. It is one of the most durable and reliable trucks in the world and will handle just about any terrain you throw it
Looking for a deal?
UPDATE: The Great Toyota Sale extended until October 17-21.It seems like October is shaping up to be quite the lucky month for potential car buyers, as automotive giant Toyota Motor Philippines (TMP) has announced its latest promo.But this isn'
Courtesy of the Rosita Soliman Foundation
Here's some good news for the residents of Manila City to start the week. Mayor Isko Moreno has announced that Manila has received a donation of two ambulances courtesy of the Rosita Soliman Foundation.The announcement was made yesterday on social
Are you still dreaming of this subcompact crossover?
It seems like it was just yesterday that everyone in the country was drooling over the prospect of the Toyota C-HR's local arrival, and here we are almost a year later...still dreaming of the day we see it in
We hope this partnership continues
Don't worry, Toyota and Subaru haven't forgotten about the 86 and BRZ twins. In an official announcement, both companies have committed to working together on the next generation of the affordable, rear-drive hero.Indeed, the announcement notes the pursuit
You can't go wrong with this SUV
Toyota has announced that sales of the Land Cruiser, in all of its various guises, have now topped the 10 million mark. Woah. We think a number like that should be celebrated. And so, with little respect for chronology, we've put
A new imperial era is here
In a historic move earlier this year, the Japanese government allowed Emperor Akihito to abdicate his throne on account of his deteriorating health, bringing an end to the country's Heisei Era. His son, Naruhito, has now ascended to the Chrysanthemum Throne-
It could be a hit
The Tamaraw FX was the updated version of Toyota's first asian utility vehicle. Although it looks primitive today, back in the early '90s it seemed light years ahead of its '70s-era predecessors. While the Japanese carmaker's updated AUV is
This is the first of many SEMA Supras
If there's one thing we'd bet our houses on, it's that this year's SEMA show in early November will be fully loaded with modified Toyota Supras.As you well know, the previous-gen Supra was an institution in
Available in South Africa
The 70 Series Toyota Land Cruiser hasn't changed much in the 35 years it's been on sale. Once available more or less worldwide, nowadays, it's only sold in parts of Africa, South America, and the Middle East, where emissions
Another compact sedan to consider
The local compact-sedan market has been a busy one this 2019. Kia Philippines got the party started in April by bringing back the Forte, with Honda and Mazda following later in the year with the launch of the refreshed Civic and
What model will get this first?
You didn't think smaller Toyota offerings were going to miss out on the brand's Toyota New Global Architecture (TNGA) did you?The Japanese car manufacturer has announced that its TNGA philosophy and technology will be making their way into smaller
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