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Were you in attendance?
If you managed to drop by the Toyota Classics charity concert on November 7, then congratulations-you are part of history.The event sold more than P2 million worth of tickets. That's a new record, and double the amount from the
Is this a sign?
Last week, another market hype train got going as photos of a Toyota C-HR in the Philippines-plying the streets in Dagupan City-surfaced online.We asked our friends from Toyota Motor Philippines (TMP) if any big news regarding the Japanese
Toyota’s performance brand now makes coupes, hot hatches, and, um, pickups
Is it coming to our market?
The Toyota C-HR, with its futuristic looks and funky interior, is a vehicle our market has been lusting over since it was first revealed back in 2016. Europe has it already, as do a couple of markets in Asia-and now,
Old-school beauty at its finest
They say cats have nine lives, but we'd wager that the same idiom could also apply to old-school cars that stand the test of time. Take the Toyota Starlet, for example. The diminutive Japanese car became legend over its lifetime,
We want this here
Ask us right now what vehicle we wish would be made available in the Philippines, and we'd easily answer the all-new Toyota Corolla hatch. The car just looks so damn sleek with its sporty profile, angry headlight design, and low
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