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Cuteness overload!
Our guest for the sixth episode of Straight Torque, our 10-minute motoring talk show, needs no introduction, especially if you read our magazine and visit this website. She's none other than Joyce Pring, whom you probably stalk on social media.
FHM crushes on our managing editors
Okay, we'll admit it: We've always had a crush (harmless, promise) on our two managing editors--Stephanie Asi-de Castro (print) and Tracy Carpena (online). They're so gorgeous in our eyes that we even made them Traffic Stoppers and
Our pretty guest says they're insecure
For the third episode of Straight Torque--our 10-minute motoring talk show--we wanted to understand why Filipino men drive the way they do. We wanted to come up with any explanation as to why we behave on the road the
Nominate someone worthy of our pages
If you read our monthly magazine, you should be quite familiar with this section called Traffic Stopper. One of the most popular sections of the mag, it features stunning women who have a connection with cars. Auto industry executives, race car drivers,
Meet Christine Chan
Remember this girl? Her name is Christine Chan, and she's the external affairs officer of Toyota Hong Kong. We met her during a recent trip to the Chinese administrative region. She was kind enough to fetch us at the airport and
She's very popular now
One of the most popular sections in our magazine is Traffic Stopper, which features good-looking women in the auto industry as well as those outside the business who just happen to have a thing for cars. When I first joined Top
Time to vote, people!
The year is almost over, which basically means we've spent 12 months scouring the industry for not just the best cars but also for the best people to feature in our magazine. We're more than glad these pretty ladies obliged
Pretty and sexy
Motor shows are never complete without the booth babes but we usually see the same models in the many local car shows we attend every year. This is why it's refreshing that we get to see a bunch of fresh faces
Vote now!
Before you run to your favorite newsstand for the January 2011 issue of Top Gear Philippines, allow us to take you back down the memory lane of 2010 to recap one of your favorite features in the magazine: Traffic Stoppers.Don't
We know you've been waiting for this
It's no secret that a lot of people carrying cameras go to car shows not just for the automobiles on display. A huge chunk of memory card space is usually saved for often-scantily-clad ladies.At the 2010 Manila Auto
<p>Looking beyond the cars</p>
Another week, another car show. While we've seen some of the ladies here at a recent car show, it doesn't mean we're already tired of them. Here are some of the prettiest girls at the 19th
We know you want more<br />
Here's another helping of all the pretty ladies spotted at the 2010 Bangkok International Motor Show. Check out the gallery below or click here to see more Bangkok babes.
No 'ladyboys' here<br />
While Bangkok girls may be getting the short end of the stick as many are quick to point out that a good number of Thai women you see might be "ladyboys," it's hard to argue that many of the models
Models or employees? Take your pick<br />
A car show without curvaceous women standing by the automobiles on display, is like an empty, stodgy showroom that nobody wants to enter. I'm not being sexist; I'm just making a personal observation as to what excites the
There is no doubt that booth girls double the fun and excitement in any car show - whether they're just there to stand around and smile or they're out to convince you to get eight more sets of mags
What made your heart race at the Manila International Auto Show (MIAS) - the cars or the babes?For the many guests who attended the MIAS this year, watching Russ Swift do driving stunts is a trill, getting a glimpse of rare finds
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