“This new platform, the motor, and the tires can all take more”
If you don't already want a Honda e, you soon will. The cheeky-looking, tech-heavy electric supermini is probably the coolest car of 2020, but its cuddly styling might not last forever.We cornered Takahiro Shinya-the assistant large project
Another track record falls
For the last few weeks Honda's been setting front-wheel drive, production car records at various European race tracks. The car? Our favorite big hot-hatch, the Civic Type R.First came Estoril, then Silverstone, Spa, and Magny Cours. For its
Honda has built a GT3 race car you can buy
This is the Honda NSX GT3 racer. You know this car because you've seen it already. What you don't know is that Honda is now offering this competition car for sale to customers around the world.For €465,000 (P27.
The red 'H' badge goes way back
Finally, it's here. The new Honda Civic Type R has arrived on Planet Hot Hatch, sleeves rolled, fists primed, and chomping at the bit. It looks beautiful, angry, and impatient to tear up the streets. Based on looks alone, this could
We witness its launch in Japan
In the pantheon of Japanese performance cars, there is a special place reserved for the Honda Civic Type R. Its first version came out in 1997 with the revered Civic EK chassis, and from then on gearheads have coveted it with a
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