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Like this man from Northern Samar
It has only been a little over a year since super typhoon Yolanda battered the country (particularly Tacloban), so images of lost lives and severely damaged cars are still fresh in our memory. And now we're bracing for yet another super
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Natural calamities may bring devastation, but they also bring out humanity's innate altruism. When super typhoon Yolanda ravaged the Visayas region, help poured in. Rehabilitating the affected towns naturally takes months--even years--and Columbian Autocar Corporation (CAC), the official distributor
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Are you into motorcycle racing? If you are, you surely know who Valentino Rossi is. The guy, of course, is an Italian professional motorbike racer and six-time MotoGP world champion. Think of him as the Michael Schumacher of motorcycle racing. He
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A few weeks ago, we reported that the limited-edition Top Gear Philippines shirt exclusively designed by our team art director Jaykee Evangelista for the benefit of Yolanda survivors, encountered a production delay because we had to first secure accreditation papers from
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Last November 14, we announced this specially designed Top Gear Philippines shirt for the benefit of the victims of super typhoon Yolanda. We priced the shirt at P1,000 apiece, with all the proceeds (minus the production costs) going to our hapless
We launch a new column by one of our lensmen
It's not often we encounter life-defining moments. They may come as decisions that are bound to transform the way we see the world and the way the world sees us. They may even be pivotal instances when we leave everything
Check out what they did in Tacloban
To be fair to all car clubs in the country, we're sure that most (if not all) of them have done something to help in the recovery of the places destroyed by super typhoon Yolanda--particularly Tacloban City. But we just
Heart-rending images of the once-bustling city
TACLOBAN CITY--Taxi driver Chicoy showed up two minutes late, all apologetic but eager to work. I\'d found him the day before near the ports, waiting for passengers but not having much luck until I knocked on his window and asked
Including Fernando Alonso\'s gloves
Autostrada Motore, the official distributor of Ferrari cars in the Philippines, has auctioned off two very special items donated by the Italian carmaker for the Yolanda victims. The auction was held during the intimate launch of the F12 Berlinetta on Thursday at
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Last week, we reported about the kindness displayed (literally) and extended by the Caterham F1 team to the victims of super typhoon Yolanda. For the recently concluded United States Grand Prix as well as the Brazilian Grand Prix this weekend, the team
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As you know, we designed a limited-edition Top Gear Philippines shirt for the benefit of the victims of super typhoon Yolanda. We then released detailed information on how to place an order for the P1,000 shirt, the sales of which
To facilitate faster relief operations
Over a week after typhoon Yolanda struck the Eastern Visayas region, the Department of Public Works and Highways has now opened all the national roads in the area, and is now focusing its efforts on the clearing of the secondary and city
A round of applause, please
The world\'s strongest typhoon has just struck the country, but its devastating effects have shaken the whole world. Just like other sectors, the automotive industry has also mobilized to lend a hand. Many car manufacturers have extended help in the form
Check out the message on the team\'s car
Yep, this is the car that the Caterham F1 team will be racing at this weekend\'s US Grand Prix (and also at the Brazilian Grand Prix on November 24). Which means Filipino Formula 1 fans have no choice but to root
Guess how much money they raised
Props to the car companies that have been donating money for the benefit of Yolanda victims. Some, like Chevrolet Philippines here, even come up with creative ways to help. Last night, at the launch dinner for this weekend\'s Motorama event in
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The response to our announcement that we are selling a limited-edition shirt and donating the proceeds to Yolanda victims has been overwhelming. The screenshot below shows the long list of orders placed within hours of our post. As expected, questions were
Our small way of helping
What can we say? There are no words to describe the tragedy that befell our countrymen in Tacloban and surrounding areas due to super typhoon Yolanda. We at Top Gear Philippines, just like everyone else, want to do our small share to
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We reported earlier that a \"Good Samaritan\" was auctioning off a 1970 Chevrolet Chevelle for the benefit of the victims of super typhoon Yolanda. In the article, writer Patrick Tadeo didn\'t reveal who the car\'s kindhearted owner is because his
You want a 1970 Chevrolet Chevelle?
The disaster wrought by Typhoon Yolanda has brought about numerous Good Samaritans in different forms. One such individual is reportedly donating a muscle car to raise funds for the relief efforts.From what we\'ve gathered, the car owner imported a 1970
Massive destruction of showrooms and gas stations
A Top Gear Philippines reader sent us a bunch of photos from his quick trip to Tacloban this weekend to check on the extent of destruction left behind by super typhoon Yolanda.\"Just got home from Tacloban, and I took these photos
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