The RM Sotheby's Miami sale kicks off on 10 December, and contrary to what you might think, it's not just ludicrously rare hypercars and unbelievably expensive youngtimers that'll cross the block.There's also some
You're looking at the very last Lamborghini Aventador
Remember a couple of weeks back when we brought you news of the last ever Lamborghini Aventador? We thought that was that, but now the car's been delivered to is Swiss owner, Lambo has divulged more info about the raging bull'
It's nice to see engineers going crazy once in a while
The Ford Excursion is classed in its American homeland as a 'full-sized SUV' and everywhere else as 'a small planet'. Being big enough to seat most of New Hampshire, the mid-2000s spec giant was supplied with a variety of V8s
This W140 S-Class features Renntech's magic touch
Numbers without context are generally meaningless. After all, what does 615 mean by itself? Is 600 better, worse or completely unrelated? And what about 76, 12 or indeed 7.6? It's only when you add that last piece of the puzzle
More power!
Practical? Hardly. Economical? Definitely not. Affordable? Extremely unlikely. But damn it, we would be lying if we said we didn't want something as absurd as this twin-turbo V12 Toyota Hilux sitting inside our garage.Never mind the drag strip, too.
It was inevitable
Yes, folks, you read that right: BMW will no longer build V12-engined cars, and the engine you (really can't) see here is one of the very last of a dying breed. That means it's time to sit forlornly in
Aston Martin has confirmed it will once again shoehorn a massive V12 into its smallest car, and, yes, we can officially call it: Christmas has come early.An almost comically short press release reads thusly: "You've heard about it. You will
The company will continue to fight to save it from extinction
Way back in 1947, Enzo Ferrari's first road car (the 125 S) used a compact little 1.5-liter V12 that produced a nifty 118hp. In the years that have followed, V12s of ever-increasing displacement and power outputs have been
One of the supercars that defined the '90s.
Word about the internet is Bugatti could be prepping a secret, limited-edition special inspired by one of the most enigmatic supercars ever. The grandfather of the Chiron: the Bugatti EB110. The Bugatti EB110 was revealed way back in 1991, to celebrate
So do we
Here's a reason to be cheerful. Aston Martin plans to keep a big, fat V12 at the heart of its range for as long as it feasibly can.That's the word direct from Marek Reichman, executive VP and chief creative
We may not be able to afford them, but this is good to know
AMG has announced that its current generation of V12-engined S-Class sedans will be its last. There's no 12-cylinder Audi A8 in certain markets, and heck, the only Jaguar XJ left on sale is a turbodiesel.So, you'd
This is insane engineering
If you're viewing this on a mobile device and can't see the video, please click here.When the 86 was first released, Toyota's engineers told us there was no way it could be turbocharged. No way. Nuh-uh. No
What a name
This, ladies and gents, is the Ferrari 812 Superfast. It is the latest V12 Ferrari supercar and the replacement for the F12 Berlinetta.Yes, it's really called Superfast. Ferrari's wildly inconsistent naming structure is now, perhaps, calling on the suggestions
We get to know this British supercar
The Aston Martin brand has been fraught with more than enough drama to rival the James Bond movie franchise. The company has exchanged hands countless times, with powerful, visionary and equally enigmatic men steering the carmaker to where it is now.Which
We guess it's really fun to go topless
Aston Martin has taken the top off the V12 Vantage to make a limited-edition roadster known as--you guessed it--the V12 Vantage Roadster.The V12 Vantage Roadster makes use of the same powertrain as the V12 Vantage Coupe like the
A product of art and science
Pagani has released a nearly 15-minute long documentary of the Huayra's development, detailing everything from Horacio Pagani, Pagani Automobili's founder and designer, drawing inspiration from the Renaissance period to how passenger safety has played an important part in the
Have you placed your order already?
It's been a year since Pagani first unveiled the Huayra at the 2011 Geneva Motor Show yet the Italian supercarmaker has just announced that it is set to begin the production of its latest supercar.According to Pagani, its five prototypes
Full of V12 goodness!
Ferrari has released three teaser videos of what it calls as its most powerful 12-cylinder road car ever, which will make its public debut at the Geneva Motor Show this March.The first video gives us a glimpse of the new
Want to know how much it's worth?
Aston Martin has revealed the car it will offer to customers who want to compete in numerous race series around the world like the FIA GT3 Championship, ADAC Masters and the Nürburgring VLN to name a few: the Vantage GT3 race
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