It’s a nicely designed Mini with a naughty side
Canada. Regularly laying claim to being one of the nicest countries in the world-both in terms of ambiance and its inhabitants-there can be few better places to head when it's rest, solitude, and-well-downright niceness you seek.Or
We want this
When the all-new Honda Civic came out a few years ago, its i-VTEC Turbo engine caused a pretty big stir, and rightly so. It was no Type R, but it could elicit real excitement behind the wheel. Now, the HR-
This takes skill
Can you hide an exotic supercar from your wife?We can hide a few Tamiyas or a handful of pricey car parts from the wife. But hiding three bright orange Lamborghini Murcielagos? That takes real skill. Listen to this crazy car wife
It's still a hit with gearheads
The year 2018 will mark the 20th anniversary of one of the most iconic cars in the Philippines: the Honda Civic SiR. Honda Cars Philippines, in a stroke of marketing genius, had cashed in on the growing market that was rapidly fueling
Because race car
Visit any racing event that involves getting from point A to point B in the least amount of time and you'll quickly notice one thing: there will always be plenty of Honda Civics in the mix. More often than not, they'
Playing with 171hp was fun
If you're viewing this on a mobile device and can't see the video, please click here. No doubt you're seeing a few 2016 Honda Civics on the road by now, and you might be wondering, are they good? Are
Modern versus classic
Based on your enthusiastic reception every time we post a Honda Civic story these days, it's obvious that there's a fair amount of anticipation for this compact. And that's not surprising because of its hot looks and turbocharged VTEC
Which German cars influenced his team?
During the launch of the all-new Civic, Honda Cars Philippines' marketing department gave us a few minutes with chief engineer Hiroshi Ito. We saw that Ito-san had a long day, so we tried to make the interview short and sweet.
Know its variants, features and prices
The City may be Honda Cars Philippines' cash cow these days, already breaching sales of 1,000 units per month, but when we think of Honda, the Civic is still top of mind. Most of us have special memories of this iconic
Could this be a return to form?
The Honda Civic started life in 1972 as a small, three-door hatchback. Its reason for being was to provide fuel-efficient transport for small families and individuals the world over. Ten generations and 43 years later, the new Civic breaks cover
As early as 2014 in the Civic Type R
Honda has announced that it will introduce three all-new turbocharged VTEC engines that are suitable for its small and medium vehicles. As the latest addition to Honda's Earth Dreams technology, the next-generation powerplants are expected to offer \"both the
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