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The two companies have teamed up to enable cashless transactions for commuters
And will other companies follow suit with their units?
Change has finally come. Everything from the way we eat, work, and yes, travel, is different now. If the new-normal feeling hasn't hit you yet, you probably will after you see this.Victory Liner has just unveiled its refurbished buses
Commuters, take note
Just this weekend, the government clarified its guidelines on public transport during the ongoing Metro Manila community quarantine. Unfortunately, the first workday that followed didn't go as smoothly as many would have hoped.Now, the entire COVID-19 situation has taken
Perfect for long-haul trips
There are two ways you can look at a long-haul bus ride out of town: 1) It's a chance to sit back, relax, and get some much-needed shut-eye before reaching your destination; or, 2) It's several hours
And other company safety measures
Bus accidents have taken place around the country so many times in the last few months that we're left to wonder if there are still any buses out there that remain safe to be ridden. To answer that, we went to
A welcome development for green motoring
Taiwan's RAC Electric Vehicles has entered into a supply agreement with the Philippines' Victory Liner, a large bus operator with a reported fleet of some 4,500 buses. Under the agreement, RAC is to churn out an annual production of 100
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