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“This is a car that shines best with modest expectations of what it’ll deliver”
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The Volkswagen Arteon-effectively a slipperier, plusher Passat-has been with us for a few years now. So, it's been facelifted. And along with all the normal boring stuff-updated infotainment, cleaner and greener engines, and new bumpers that look almost
We’ve had our eye on this for a long time
Welcome to the Arteon R-Line Edition-a four-door Volkswagen fastback that costs the equivalent of almost £50,000 (around P3.31 million) in its native Germany. The 250-off special edition might cost as much as a very well-specified
A VW with a unique look
Well isn't this a pleasant surprise? It's the Volkswagen Arteon-a "five-door gran turismo" that's set to sit above the capable yet impossibly dull Passat in VW's lineup. In effect, it's the replacement for the fine-
It's called the Arteon
The good news is that there's a new car coming from Volkswagen. The Arteon will make its world premiere at the Geneva Motor Show in March, and its launch is scheduled for a few months after. The not-so-good news
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