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Can the retro-futuristic Volkswagen ID.Buzz win over the Kombi's biggest fans?
Now's the perfect time to build them
The Bugatti Chiron's place in history is assured, as the first hypercar to smash the 300mph barrier. Unfortunately, the chances of us mere mortals ever owning one are slim. Unless of course, you're happy to build it yourself...out of
It’s got everything plus the kitchen sink, literally
Lego cars and the Volkswagen Type 2 are two of our favorite things, and when they come together, it's always a story worth telling. Several years ago, editor in chief Paulo Subido documented his Lego VW Westfalia Camper build project, which
The finale
Unlike my wife who likes to blast through a build, I prefer to take things slowly and enjoy every step. At long last, the Lego VW Camper is finally finished.Like I said in a previous post, there are some very clever
The floors and interior
Now it's time for what I think is the most interesting part of this build: the interior. This is where you see how clever you have to be to become a designer over at Lego. With each step, I am constantly
Exercising clever building techniques
If you are a gearhead like me, you will love the very first steps in building the Lego Volkswagen Camper. This is because the first thing that you have to do is build a facsimile of the famous air-cooled flat-four
Indulging the little kid inside
Digging through my old stuff rekindled my interest in things that I loved to do back when I was younger. And in that room where my sisters kept our old toys, I dug up yet another favorite: Lego. I couldn't believe
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