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Its ‘Stage 1’ kit for the Golf R brings down the 0-60mph time to 3.7sec
Quick, practical and stylish
We're at Pradera Verde in Pampanga to shoot our landmark 150th Issue cover story, and for this special feature, we've put together a lineup of five cars and one superbike packing a combined total of more than 1,800hp. The
One shoot, six awesome rides
Cars. We all love them in general, but there are a select few that will always hold a special place in our hearts.Maybe for you it's a classic roadster or a rugged SUV. But regardless of make and model, if
At the VWorld Weekend
If you love hot hatches, then chances are you've daydreamed more than once about driving the Volkswagen Golf GTI. The little car that can has been a much-sought after nameplate ever since it was revealed to the world back in
It's what we'd do if we had one
As far as hot hatches go, the Volkswagen Golf GTI is an enduring icon that's as fun to drive today as it was decades ago. As a treat for its customers, Volkswagen Philippines recently treated Golf GTI owners and potential customers
Not your typical comparison
Last month, Honda Cars Philippines announced it would be selling the Civic Type R here in the Philippines. The much-hyped performance car ushers in a new level of Honda performance locally, and will have fan boys foaming at their mouths, climbing
All the car you’ll ever need
They say life begins at 40, and if that's true then I'm really beginning to mellow down. Like most of you, I was enamored by Honda's much, much-awaited Civic Type R at the recently concluded Manila International Auto
The mother of all hot hatches
Filipinos have little taste for anything that isn't a sedan or an SUV. Other than the odd Starlet, Focus or Mirage, not many hatchbacks have sold well in our market. Due to this, manufacturers tend to shy away from introducing hot
The hot-hatch king
Over the past year, the hot-hatch arms race has really intensified with seemingly never-ending one-upmanship to be the King of the Nürburgring. But now, VW has joined the party and drawn a pretty significant line in the sand
It's brimming with tech features
This, Internet, is the new Volkswagen Golf. You'll immediately note it looks quite a lot like the outgoing Golf, its mildly fettled lights and bumpers marking it out as an update for the Mk7, as opposed to an all-new Mk8
Your vote could decide
It's been a good year for cars being immortalized in Lego. The Caterham 620R and Ferrari F40 have joined the blocky ranks of Minis and VW camper vans, and now someone's thought to plug the gap in the 'Lego hot
It just broke a record at Nurburgring
It's a wonderful time to be a Volkswagen fan right about now. The GTI is celebrating its 40th anniversary, throwing parties left and right featuring some of its newest models and most revered classics.But what is arguably the best part
On German hot hatch's 40th birthday
The Volkswagen Golf GTI has always been the stuff of boyhood dreams. Imagine a humble nondescript hatchback dicing with sports cars--and actually keeping up with them--and you'll know why everyone who knows a thing or two about this car
This special version boasts 261hp
In 1976, Volkswagen changed the world's perception of compact cars by introducing a model that could rival bigger, more powerful offerings. That car was the Golf GTI. For a fraction of the price of most sports cars, the GTI gave its
Driving the Volkswagen Golf GTI
I must admit that I am smitten with this car. Back in the '90s, "Fahrvergnügen" was the slogan for Volkswagen, which meant "driving enjoyment." Wolfsburg's contemporary slogan is "Das Auto," which seems just a tad stiff and robotic for my
Is hybrid the way to go for sports cars?
The Volkswagen Golf GTI has practically defined the entire "hot hatch" segment. But while this car is a great drive, times are changing. Environmentalists are up in arms against cars like it--never mind that it's just a small hatchback. This
Including the dynamic R 400
It's no secret that we, together with the rest of the world, love the Volkswagen Golf. In GTI and R trims, this humble-looking little hatch can match the performance of most sports cars out there. What's more, you can
We try it out in Australia
If you're in the market for sporty street tires, you might want to wait until Bridgestone Philippines launches the Potenza Adrenalin RE003 in the country. The product, which is designed for compact sports cars like the Volkswagen Golf GTI, the Subaru
We drove it on a slalom course
Officially unveiled on February 26 at the Volkswagen Bonifacio Global City showroom was the German carmaker's hot hatch: the Golf GTI.Present at the launch were Jaime Alfonso Zobel de Ayala and Mariana Beatriz Zobel de Ayala, who both drove a
Which variant in particular?
Last night, Volkswagen Philippines (aka Automobile Central Enterprise) formally launched the extremely desirable (and quite expensive) P2.29-million Golf GTI. If you think that's too prohibitive a price tag for a small, spunky hatchback and that there is really no
Find out what you'll get for hefty price tag
Hot hatches are fun, practical, compact and eminently drivable. And we still wonder why they're not catching on with majority of local motorists. But for the enlightened minority, true gearheads who know the history and pure driving pleasure these cars provide,
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