Do you agree with the concept?
The line between restoring and restomodding is both fine and ill-defined. If you have an S1 Fulvia and fit the better brakes from the S2, have you restomodded? If you can't find the exact part for your Mitsubishi GTO but
Can the retro-futuristic Volkswagen ID.Buzz win over the Kombi's biggest fans?
Reinventing icons isn't easy. Volkswagen was aware of that when they revived the lovable Bus as the electric ID.Buzz. It's one of the boldest and bravest things Volkswagen has done, and it's almost certain that
It’s scheduled for a a launch in the third quarter
After the successful debut of the T-Cross, Volkswagen Philippines has its sights set on the launch of another big model: The Multivan Kombi. The Kombi-also known as the Type 2-is arguably one of Volkswagen's most iconic nameplates apart
Electric-powered classics don’t get any groovier than this
There are many, many companies around the world that'll restore your arthritic Volkswagen bus and convert it from gasoline to electric power. Germany's eClassics is one such outfit.But here's the thing-eClassics actually has the support of the
It’s a pretty cool mix of ‘work-in-progress’ and ‘car-show ready’
For some of us, old school will always, always be cool. We can't imagine classic cars going out of style. And like we've said a hundred times before: We're big on retro here at Top Gear PH. If you'
It’s more than just a powertrain swap, too—the underpinnings also get upgraded
Listen up, people, because Volkswagen's Commercial Vehicles department has just unveiled its most exciting model in years. Not to hate on the Caddy and the Transporter too much, but oh, how design has regressed since the wonderful Type 2 you see
Don’t worry, it made it out safe
If, like many, you were glued to social media on the day Taal Volcano rained ash across Luzon, chances are you came across this photo of a couple tying the knot in Tagaytay.The image, which captures a wedding ceremony pushing through
It’s called the Type 20 Concept
It's traditional for carmakers to celebrate anniversaries with special concepts. And for the 20th birthday of its US development center-its largest outside Germany, no less-Volkswagen has done just that.Say hello to the Type 20 Concept-a 1962 Type
It’s got everything plus the kitchen sink, literally
Lego cars and the Volkswagen Type 2 are two of our favorite things, and when they come together, it's always a story worth telling. Several years ago, editor in chief Paulo Subido documented his Lego VW Westfalia Camper build project, which
This is definitely on our wish list
Owing to its days as an automotive counterculture icon, the Volkswagen Kombi has become one of the most easily recognizable vehicles on the planet. The '60s minibus has been featured on mugs, magnets, in countless movies, and just about every other medium
Serious case of wanderlust
Three friends, a beat up Volkswagen Kombi, and a 12,000km, 10-month journey through Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao. If the 'Baconeers' aren't living the dream, we don't know who is.The Baco-what? The Baconeers are a road-tripping
Just make it already
Just make it already. Volkswagen has teased us with all manner of small minibus concepts that hark back to the 21-window Microbus, from Bulli to Budd-e, without committing to production on any of them.So with the launch of the
Old but gold
If you're viewing this on a mobile device and can't see the video, please click here.Car restoration in the middle of the woods. We've all run into decrepit, rust-covered rides we wish we could take home. This
It's the ultimate man cave
Admit it: You probably wanted a bed shaped like a Lamborghini or a Ferrari when you were a kid. And be honest: You'd still get one as an adult if you had the chance. As Milhouse's dad bragged in one
It took him two decades
The Volkswagen Type 2, more popularly known as the Kombi--short for the German word Kombinationkraftwagen--is an iconic van loved the world over. Its status is very much like the Beetle's. This van provided quality transport at a very low
Displayed at Consumer Electronics Show
Remember the Volkswagen Microbus aka the Type 2? Those old enough may recognize the van as the Kombi sold in our market. It was popular during the flower-power era of the '60s as family transport.Those who miss this iconic VW
Summit Books shows us why
A road trip is one of those wonderful things that combine relaxed driving, nice scenery and, in our case, great food. It's even better when you're in good company, and for most men, the best companion is still a beautiful
The Cream Factory is hiring
We get so many car-related requests from people--both readers and non-readers--every day. There are those who want us to greet a loved one on the latter's birthday, for instance. Some want us to announce a missing vehicle
Photos galore inside
After 56 years, Volkswagen Brazil is ceasing production of the Volkswagen Type 2 (popularly called Kombi) van due to safety regulations in the South American country. But before we see the last of the iconic van, VW Brazil has released this Kombi
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