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Featuring a more upmarket design
This past June, Volkswagen unveiled its stylish all-new Polo hatchback. This of course only meant one thing: An all-new version of the sedan variant was on the horizon. Fast forward some five months later and that time has finally come.
With this Polo GTI-based rally car
Volkswagen had a rather excellent time in the World Rally Championship. In its four full years in WRC, it won the title four times. That's what you call a strike rate.Which made its departure at the end of 2016 all
This hatch has a charm that grows on you
Certain behavioral scientists have made the audacious claim that it only takes men 8.2sec to fall in love-such is the rush of emotions, apparently, that the brain sends out signals and just 'knows.' Well, if you can fall for a
The GTI variant packs almost 200hp
Volkswagen has finally unveiled the all-new Polo in Germany, and just in time to challenge one of its archrivals, the all-new Fiesta.The Polo now rides on the brand's modular MQB platform. It's longer, wider and boasts of
Runs until March 31
It's almost summer, which means it's nearly time for road trip season. To help you plan your next outing, Volkswagen Philippines is extending its #TripGoals promo with new and enhanced packages.Until March 31, you can avail of a special
Via month-long promo this March
Volkswagen Quezon Avenue is celebrating its first anniversary this month, and as part of the celebration, the dealership is offering its customers a handful of very enticing financing options on a few vehicle models.Car buyers looking for German-made rides will
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