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Meet the Black Style
The Scirocco has long been one of the sportier models in the Volkswagen stable. Ever since it entered the scene in 1974, and later as a third-generation reintroduction in 2008, the car has been the two-door coupe of choice for
Unveiled at Auto Shanghai 2015
Some cars, just like people, tend to mature in their demeanor once they hit a certain age. Some nameplates that are now hitting more than 30 years of production age are inclined to be bigger and more sluggish compared to their predecessors.
Do you like it?
What you just stared at is the updated Volkswagen Scirocco, whose cosmetic makeover is much-needed since this model has been around since 2008. If it reminded you of Hello Kitty, we wouldn't blame you--it did the same for us.
Can you guess the car?
Today, we met Automobile Central Enterprise president and CEO John Philip Orbeta for the first time. ACE is the new distributor of Volkswagen in the Philippines. Orbeta seems to be a nice, jolly fellow, and should prove ideal for a rebuilding brand.
Predictably called the Scirocco Million
The first-generation Volkswagen Scirocco was launched in 1974. Thirty-nine years later and the nameplate has now broken the one-million-unit production barrier. To mark the milestone, the German carmaker has introduced a special-edition version of the Scirocco.Known
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