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'Made in China' isn't a bad word anymore. Well, most of the time
Are they promising contenders?
If an actual award existed for best car launch of the year, Volkswagen Philippines's recent event would be a strong contender for that title this year. The German marque recently unveiled five new models in an all-out assault on the
Don't miss it
The recent arrival of the Volkswagen Santana in our country has understandably created a lot of buzz, most likely because it's entering a leading segment with an undisputed ruler. But it's just one out of a handful of new cars
The German brand is on a quest for dominance
Volkswagen Philippines may have just performed the biggest industry mic drop of 2018. The German marque just unveiled five new vehicles to be unleashed onto our market. We've already told you about the Santana--the 1.4-liter manual subcompact that'
Is 2018 VW's breakout year?
Volkswagen Philippines is on a roll. Not only did the German carmaker just introduce the Santana--an all-new, budget-friendly subcompact sedan--it also brought in four new additions to its local lineup: the Lavida, the Lamando, the Santana GTS, and
A good reason to go German
Could a Tiguan be your next SUV? That depends on whether you feel that P2.259 million for a compact crossover is worth your time and consideration. After all, that amount lets you bring home any top-flight sport ute from Japan
A solid compact SUV contender
The Volkswagen Tiguan was bound to get the short end of the stick when it finally reached our market at the end of 2013. For one, it was an aging platform, which has been around since 2007. Second, it was sorely lacking
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