Total power sits at 456hp
Volkswagen describes this big blue flagship SUV as a "paradigm shift." Sadly, that doesn't equate to "we've given it a massive V12 and afterburners." Quite the opposite, as it turns out. It is the very first VW R model that'
“It’s for those customers who want something very special, and they’ll get it”
Who says the Germans don't do humor? Or irony? Here's VW showing up to Geneva with a cutesy electric buggy and talk of the Golf GTD disappearing from the new hatchback's ranks, and it thinks Top Gear has forgotten
From the company that ended diesel’s dominance: a 900Nm, Porsche-chasing 4x4
Do Germans do irony? We're asking for a friend.Because Volkswagen, of all companies, is the one to assault the 2019 Geneva Motor Show with a new diesel-powered super-SUV. This is the Touareg V8 TDI. Yep, the clue is
Bigger than before
Just in case we weren't already spoilt for large luxury SUVs, Volkswagen has added another. This time its new flagship-the third-generation Touareg-based around the same aluminum and steel modular architecture and box of bits as the Bentley Bentayga,
Starring everyone's crush, Tracy Carpena
If you're viewing this on a mobile device and can't see the video, please click here. In the face of insufferable summer heat, our natural recourse is to escape. So we drive off to either cooler highlands or beaches where
At Banilad Town Center
Cebuanos are in for a treat this weekend as Volkswagen holds a roadshow at the Banilad Town Center in Cebu City. The event is ongoing and will run until April 17 (Sunday). It is hosted by Volkswagen Cebu.Customers will be able
More affordable cousin of Cayenne, Q7
When Volkswagen was relaunched in the country in late 2013, the Touareg was one of the initial vehicles on offer. With its reception in other markets mixed with our desire for SUVs, it was the model that somehow gave VW that wow
What are those vehicles?
Zero percent. Are there any two words more enticing to a potential car buyer (or any buyer for that matter)? We think not. The good news is that Volkswagen Philippines are throwing those two words around like crazy this October. Three cars,
We drive the German SUV to Baguio
We've got to hand it to Automobile Central Enterprise (aka Volkswagen Philippines) for pushing through with the Touareg media drive despite the ongoing emissions-cheating debacle happening in the US. You can read Top Gear's take on that issue here.
Other new models coming this year
At Volkswagen Philippines' media appreciation night last Friday, chief operating adviser Klaus Schadewald revealed the new models that the company will launch in our market in 2015. "This year, we have many exciting plans that Filipinos will surely be glad to know,"
Asian sale to begin early 2015
Volkswagen has updated the Touareg midsize SUV, giving it "a significantly sharper look" while supposedly enhancing the car technically in all areas.The updated Touareg has redesigned front and rear ends, with the front now sporting bi-xenon headlights as standard, while
To reach global showrooms by end of 2014
Volkswagen has updated the Touareg midsize SUV and the Jetta compact sedan, months ahead of the vehicles' arrival in global showrooms by November and December this year, respectively. (No word yet on when Volkswagen Philippines can bring these versions to our market.)
Special offers until August 31st
First, the World Cup, and then the just-concluded German Grand Prix. The Germans are clearly on a roll these days. And local Volkswagen distributor Automobile Central Enterprise wants to keep the current status quo.If you've always wanted to own
Following success of Touareg and Tiguan
Volkswagen is supposedly eyeing a new range of sport-utility vehicles, one of which is the T-Roc concept, which is currently on display at the ongoing 2014 Geneva International Motor Show.Following the success of the Tiguan and the Touareg, Volkswagen
As if the Touareg weren\'t big enough
As if the Touareg weren\'t big enough for Volkswagen, the German carmaker has confirmed that it will bring into production a large sport-utility vehicle it debuted at last year\'s Detroit Auto Show.Based on the CrossBlue concept SUV, the
Something our politicians can learn from
Of course, Ayala Corporation president and chief operating officer Fernando Zobel de Ayala can buy whatever car he wants. Heck, he can get three Bugatti Veyrons in different colors this weekend if he truly fancies it. But it\'s not that simple.
Can you guess the car?
Today, we met Automobile Central Enterprise president and CEO John Philip Orbeta for the first time. ACE is the new distributor of Volkswagen in the Philippines. Orbeta seems to be a nice, jolly fellow, and should prove ideal for a rebuilding brand.
Driving from North to South America in less than 12 days
A Volkswagen Touareg has not only set a new course record in the renowned Carretera Panamericana race, it has also set a new world record by running the entire length of North and South America in just 11 days, 17 hours and
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