Or they'll give you a tank of fuel for free
Volvo Philippines is confident that when you test-drive the V40 Cross Country, you'll choose it against its competitors. Otherwise, you'll get a free tank of fuel.That's right. For its latest promo for the V40 Cross Country, Volvo
Elegant but not afraid to get dirty
There is a call from PR and marketing people that never gets old. When you pick up the phone and hear the words "test drive," "exclusive," and "weekend," it immediately makes your day.One such call was made to us last week,
Along with new 19-inch alloy wheels
Volvo's rugged estates (or station wagons) have always had a special appeal. They're versatile crossovers that you can take on a classy night out, then bring out of town the next morning. Even light dirt trails are no problem for
Chinese ownership hasn't ruined brand's originality
Automobile gauges are one of the most overlooked aspects of a car's cabin. We take the design of gauges for granted because their main function is utility, and as long as they tell us what we need to know, we hardly
Improving road safety for everyone
Volvo\'s pioneering work on pedestrian protection has earned for the Swedish carmaker the 2013 Global NCAP Innovation Award at the \"Enhanced Safety of Vehicles Conference\" in Seoul, South Korea, recently.With pedestrians accounting for a significant number of traffic fatalities in
Roughly a year after its global launch
Viking Cars, the official distributor of Volvo vehicles in the country, has quietly brought into its showrooms the all-new V40 five-door hatchback, a car that has the characteristics of larger Volvo models \"wrapped in a sleek, compact package.\" The local
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