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Bigger wheels, new exhausts, a massive wing, and an F1-inspired nose
Remember Japanese tuner Wald's rather striking BMW X7 bodykit from a couple of weeks ago? Well, it's now done something even more bonkers, although at least this time it's on a car that's au fait with bodykits.Check
It’s as if the Bimmer didn’t look beefy enough already
Looks like Japanese tuner Wald thought the BMW X7 needed to stand out a little more.Check out its new body kit. Certainly not shy, is it? Wald has fitted a mighty new front bumper that almost makes that grille look small.
This is the Black Bison Edition
Rolls-Royce builds a car that weighs 2.6 tons and measures 5.3 meters long called the Cullinan, which it calls a 'high-sided vehicle,' even though the rest of us simply refer to it as an SUV. A tuner called
Like it?
The Toyota Century is a very, very big deal. Having been introduced in 1967, this reverential limo is only on its third generation in Japan, and customers include the country's monarchy, the prime minister, and the yakuza.You can guess which
Do you dig it?
Remember Wald International's badass 'Black Bison' Suzuki Jimny? When we first wrote about it at the start of the year, all Wald had to show for it was some renders of the iconic off-roader flauting a more menacing look.Now,
Just launch it here already
Liberty Walk's crack at modifying the all-new Suzuki Jimny was neat, but the tiny off-roader really only looked like a miniature Mercedes-Benz G-Class in this guise. The same goes for Dream Automotive Design and Development's (DAMD)
This tuning company just did
The reality is that hybrids and vans are two types of vehicles often referred to as boring. They're practical means of transport whose sole purpose in life is to get people to and from their destination as efficiently as possible.The
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