The history of Mazda: Part 1
The mountains are bathed in bluish-purple pre-dawn light as I step out of the Kokusai Kanko Ryokan in Iwakuni City. I'm dressed in a traditional Japanese yukata, camera in hand, eager to snap a few pictures of the famous
They just keep coming back to it
Those who know Mazda and its place in car culture will always associate it with the rotary engine. But why is this powerplant design so important to Mazda? How does it work, really? And if it's so good, why haven't
Another sad news
As the month of June wraps up this weekend, so too does Mazda's production of the RX-8 sports car--as we previously reported in April--and its rotary engine, 45 years after the Japanese carmaker began mass-producing the innovative
The return of the RX-something?
It seems Mazda isn't finished with the rotary engine as has reported that the Japanese carmaker "may be on the verge of a major rotary breakthrough."Citing Mitsuo Hitomi, general manager of the brand's powertrain development,
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