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With 4 holdovers from last year's list
Automotive publication Ward's Auto has named its "10 Best Engines" for 2015, with the winners chosen from a pool of 37 all-new or improved powertrains, including four electric motors.The 10 engines that made it to the 2015 list are (
Four of the 10 winners are available locally
Automotive publication Ward's AutoWorld has announced the 2014 winners of its annual 10 Best Interiors. Fortunately for us, four of the winning vehicles are available locally."This year's list is the most diverse we've ever had, from affordable compacts
3 diesel, 1 electric and 6 gasoline engines make the list
Ward\'s Automotive, a company that produces publications covering the car industry, has revealed its \"10 Best Engines\" for 2014, choosing the winners from an initial list of 44 powertrains that were evaluated by the publication\'s editors in October and November.
Four of which are sold here
Ward's Auto World has named the 10 best car interiors for 2013. Luckily for us, four of the 10 cars are offered locally: the Chevrolet Spark, the Hyundai Santa Fe, the Lexus GS450h, and the recently launched Mazda 6."This year'
All gasoline engines
Ward's Automotive has revealed its 10 best engines for 2013, and for the first time in seven years, the list is made up entirely of gasoline-powered engines, with not a single hybrid, all-electric or diesel powertrain getting the nod.
Guess which locally available models are on the list
Ward's Auto has named its 10 best car interiors for 2012, and though only three of the cars on the list are currently being sold in the Philippines, four more are either on their way here or could go on sale
With seven of the 10 engines using direct injection technology
Direction fuel injection is the way, and seven of the 10 best engines recognized by Ward's are equipped with it.Direct injection was first utilized in turbodiesel engines over a decade ago. Recent years, though, saw high-pressure gasoline direct injection
But only three are available locally
Ward's, an automotive-data provider for over 80 years, has revealed the 2011 list of 10 vehicles with the best interiors.Of the 10 cars, only three are available in the Philippines: the Audi A8, the Jeep Grand Cherokee Overland Summit
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