Some concoctions to help maintain visibility
Fellow motorists, are you truly ready for the onslaught of monsoon rains? You might think you've crossed out everything on your wet season vehicle checklist, but some of us tend to forget the wiper washer!Your wiper blades and washer work
A common car problem
In all my years of lovingly bringing back cars to life, there's nothing more unsightly than having scratches on your windshield and windows. Even more so when you notice after you've thoroughly detailed the entire vehicle. I even coined the
Must-know stuff
Windshield wipers. Most drivers don't think about them until they are stuck on the highway in a sudden downpour. At which point they turn them on only to find them a squeaking, streaking, shuddering mess. Which causes said drivers to turn
Because visibility is important
It's that time of the year again when monsoon rains and typhoons bombard the archipelago. Car owners beef up on car care in order to protect our vehicles' exteriors and interiors from Mother Nature's onslaught, but most tend to overlook
Wiper arms with integrated washer nozzles
The Volvo XC90 is equipped as standard with the latest innovation to windshield wipers, courtesy of automotive spare parts manufacturer Bosch, and it's called the Jet Wiper system.The Jet Wiper system is an innovative wiper arm fitted with spray nozzles,
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