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A battle of bestsellers
Dear Botchi,I am confused on which car to pick between the Mitsubishi Montero Sport GLS Premium and the Toyota Innova 2.8 G. Which one is worth buying based on the price with the given features: ample safety tech, a comfortable
For a family's first car
Hi Botchi,Good day. I'm a car lover and a TGP reader. I've read some of your columns and I like the way you give advice and now I really need your help. I'm planning to buy our first
There are pros and cons to each
Hi Top Gear Philippines team, I know you guys have already given out your suggestion regarding this question, but that was back in 2014 and it was the Lancer that you picked. Do you guys (or Sir Botchi at least) still feel
There are a few things to consider
Hi Botchi,I hope this e-mail finds you. I don't know which car to purchase. My wife is convinced of the Montero Sport GLS 2017 AT, while my choice is the Hyundai Santa Fe 2017 AT 4x2.My criteria are
A reader asks our consumer editor
Good day, sir. Just want to ask if it's a good decision to buy the Ford Ecosport Trend AT to use as an Uber. How about the Nissan Juke, Honda City or Mazda 2? What are their pros and cons should
TGP's consumer editor weighs in
Hi Top Gear team,I am looking to buy a new car but I am not sure which among the choices I have is fuel-efficient, has value for money, and is not so expensive to maintain. My choices are the Honda
A word from our consumer editor
Dear Top Gear/ Mr. Botchi SantosGreetings! Which SUV would you recommend: The Mitsubishi Pajero or the 2.3-liter Ford Explorer? Both are within the same price range and I like both of their looks. I just need the expert/objective point
Expert advice from our consumer editor
Hi Sir. I am planning to get a car to use for Uber service which I will drive personally. I am torn between the looks and features of the Volkswagen Jetta 1.6 TDi, and the power and warranty offer of the
Never piss off our Botchi
In his recent Wrong Car/Right Car online column, our consumer editor Botchi Santos dropped this line:One last comment about the Montero Sport: Don't believe in rumors about "sudden unintended acceleration" as it is, in my experience, pure hogwash. There,
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Hi, Botchi. I knew that I found the right help column when I read your expert\'s opinions on cars. I have a 2007 Toyota Avanza 1.5G AT, which I\'m planning to sell to get a bigger SUV. Most of
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Hi, Botchi. I would just like to know if the Suzuki Celerio is worth owning? My husband is very impressed with this car and is planning to buy me one. Please enlighten us. Thanks!Rhodora Syquia Hello, Rhodora. Thank you for your
What should you get for some hardcore uphill competition?<br />
Hello, Top Gear!I'm a great fan of Top Gear Philippines and I would like to seek your expert advice. I have long been interested in joining uphill competitions being held in our country but I don't know
Botchi talks about the real deal in owning this sports car in the Philippines<br />
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