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That's one "tough" SUV
Nissan Motor Philippines takes its sport-utility vehicle to the extreme by coming out with a tougher-looking X-Trail.The limited-edition Nissan X-Trail Tough Rider is a variant of the second-generation CVT-equipped X-Trail that is packed
Are you among the lucky ones?
Nissan Motor Philippines recently named the winners of its Great Nissan Car-O-Sale promo, which was held from November 12 to 14 and for the Power-Up Service promo held from July 12 to October 15.At last month's Great
Shopping for a new car this Christmas?
Nissan Motor Philippines, Inc. (NMPI) is slashing the prices of its Sentra, X-Trail and Grand Livina models to gives more Filipinos a chance to drive their own Nissan vehicle through various affordable payment options.Customers can drive home the 1.6-
Dare to compare
While the local market is seemingly bored with the "old looks" of the all-new Nissan X-Trail launched here in June (see comments here), the European market is already looking forward to a refreshed version of the sport-utility vehicle.Set
Too much inventory?<br />
Every purchase of a Nissan vehicle gives motorists a chance to win a brand-new car with Nissan Motor Philippines' Buy One, Win One promo. The Japanese carmaker continues to offer the first-generation Nissan X-Trail to sport-utility vehicle
See for yourself<br />
Debates about the new Nissan X-Trail continue to heat up. Why does it look old? Is it really new? What's under the hood? Is it worth the current market price? We asked those who are in the know. Check
Time to get your checkbook ready<br />
The new Nissan X-Trail has finally arrived and it will be available in local dealerships starting June 12. Nissan has brought in the Nissan X-Trail CVT in 4x2 and 4x4 variants priced at P1.350 million and P1.550 million,
Fortuner, Sta. Fe, Montero Sport, Captiva, Everest, X-Trail or Strada. What's your choice?<br />
Hi, Botchi!My consultant from Cardinal Santos Medical Center is asking if you could help her find an off-road vehicle (I assume a four-wheel drive sport-utility vehicle) with good resale value and safety features.She wants you to choose
Check that spec<br />
If you've already bought our June 2010 issue with the Nissan X-Trail (and Sentra) on the cover--and have read the cover story--you now know that the new X-Trail has a maximum output of 180hp and a
For SUV lovers<br />
Nissan Motor Philippines, Inc., one of the two distributors of Nissan vehicles in the Philippines, will launch the new X-Trail on June 4. Not much has been disclosed about the new Nissan X-Trail, a teaser image of which appears below.
The Japanese carmaker is on the warpath<br />
Nissan Motor Philippines is putting its game face back on as it plans to introduce three new models--two sedans and one sport-utility vehicle--in the local market this year.The first sedan will be launched in April while the SUV
Here's why you should keep your eyes peeled when you're going out of town<br />
The next-generation Nissan X-Trail should be hitting the local market soon, and has proof to support this fearless forecast.A barely-disguised new Nissan X-Trail was spotted along the North Luzon Expressway last weekend. Although it
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