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That’s less than half of what the ‘full power’ version can produce
What would you add to this list?
This year has been a big one for the local motorcycle industry. Apart from the introduction of new models, sales are also up from the year prior, particularly for the top four brands. We know 2022 has the potential to be just
A lot of the MT-09’s features are carried over here
As one of Yamaha's most desirable motorcycles in recent years, the XSR900 receiving significant updates was only a matter of time. The timing is just right, too: The basis for the XSR900-the MT-09-had already been reworked and revised
This completes the XSR family of Yamaha PH
Finally, Yamaha Motor Philippines (YMPH) has launched its new Yamaha XSR155. The supposed unveiling of this entry level, classic-style street bike was originally scheduled to take place in May, but due to the COVID-19 outbreak, YMPH decided to reschedule the
Yamaha’s big-bike lineup just got bigger
The recent resurgence in classic and retro-styled bikes, combined with the rapid growth of the big-bike market, has caused motorcycle manufacturers like Yamaha to up their game. And what better way to meet market demand than to bring in two
First batch sold out during the launch
When the Ducati Scrambler Icon was introduced in the Philippines in 2014, it rocked the local motorcycle market like a magnitude-10 earthquake. In a short span after it was launched, this entry-level, retro-style Italian breed became a big hit.
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